A Teeny Tiny Note of Thanks



I never  knew that I got some talent in me to imagine things and present before the world.

Though the imaginations are senseless and the presentation is very poor, you were always supporting me and I know you will be with me forever.

Though the fictions written by me are of poor skill,you were always encouraging me to continue my work.

Though you’ve read the stories of many wonderful writers and you, yourself are one of them,and though my writings are nothing except small pebbles in front of those wonderful monuments,you still appreciated this buddy writer for her writings.

Though the vocabulary of these stories is very very poor,you still read these ,overlooking them.

You made me smile with your comments.

You made me elated with your appreciation.

You made me overjoyed with your support.

You made me feel ‘top of the world’ with your love.

With what and how can I repay you?

Thank you for everything .

For the first time,I’m feeling that the word Thank you is nothing.

Yes ,nothing when compared to what I got from you.

But still Thank you very much.

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