A person who looked less like a boy, and more like a man, though he is in the age of transforming from a boy to man, descended his car.

The young man he is, who looked more matured than the fellow beings of his age, made his way inside.

The servants in that mansion looked worryingly at him, as the twenty year entered.

By the looks on their faces he can guess what’s in store for him.

As he looked ahead handing his brief-case to one of the servants, he saw her sitting on that U shaped luxurious couch in the adjoining room, hugging her Teddy, with eyes fixed on TV, with the grumpiest of her moods;  through the glass walls.

He sat on the couch removing his coat and giving it to the servant nearby.

“Did she have her dinner?” He asked with a worried frown.

He folded his long sleeves till elbow, took off his shoes, while the servant nodded for a yes.

He looked at her again and sighed, as he got up from the couch keeping his palms on his knees.

He had a long task ahead.



As the twelve year who is looking at him from the corner of her eyes from the time he stepped in, saw him approaching her, made her gaze fixed on the screen in front.

He sighed, entering through the glass doors. She hugged her Teddy even tightly.

He sat on the couch, turning to her side, “Angry with me?” He asked cutely, placing his hand on her shoulder.

She shrugged her shoulder, casting his hand away.

“Princess, look at me please” he pleaded her keeping his hand on her chin.

Princess that is what he called her. Not only calling, but he treats her as one, and made everyone treat her so. One word or one deed against her, he makes sure that person does not see the next dawn.

She turned her face the other side.

He went there and sat in the side she turned her face. She turned her face the other side again. He went and sat in his previous position.

She did the same thing, turned her face away. He gave up and sighed getting exhausted.

He did the thing which melts her instantly, he popped her favorite chocolate in front of her eyes, grinning widely anticipating her reaction knowing that she cannot resist.

She looked at the chocolate from the corner of her eyes.

Her heart missed a beat seeing that, but immediately she chided herself, Geet, stupid, stop the temptation. He cheated you earlier like this only, promising he will take you out next time. If you give up now for the chocolate, it becomes a habit for him, coming late, breaking promises to take you out and give you a chocolate to cool down. There will be no outings then after only giving you getting fat eating the compensation chocolates. So don’t give up.

She pushed his hand away reluctantly not before having one last glance at her chocolate, shocking him to the core, and sat looking away with a pout.

This is the first time she rejected the chocolate, that too her favorite one.

He called one of the servants, keeping this chocolate in the back pocket of his pants.

“Maan Baba, Baby talked?” the servant asked him eyeing Geet’s cute angry face.

Baba they called him lovingly, and her, Baby.

Maan shook his head dejectedly and whispered something in his ear, to which the servant nodded smiling and left hurriedly.

Maan looked at Geet frowning cutely thinking what is he up to.

A little while later, the servant came with something and handed it to Maan, who eyed him to leave.

As soon as the servant left, Maan popped her favorite chocolate in front her eyes, which is larger than the previous one.

She looked away.

He kept one more. She didn’t budge.

He kept yet another.

She is having a hard time controlling her urge to grab them. And he is making it difficult for her.

With her indifference, he went on increasing the number.

Finally she surrendered to her temptations and grabbed all the seven chocolates and started pouncing on them as if she hasn’t eaten anything since ages.

He chuckled seeing her like that and shook his head.

Seeing him chuckle, she made her annoyed face and mumbled, “I’m still angry” with mouth fully stuffed with chocolates, and turned aside.

He shook his head and in order to deviate her, he took the hand of her Teddy in his and said,” This is Rosy, right? Which you bought last week?”

And yes. He hit the right cord.

She felt excited with him asking about her Teddy.

She turned to him and said excitedly,” No this in not Rosy. See its mouth is cream in colour. This is Romy”

This is what she is. Simple yet cute, naughty yet understanding, gets happiness in very simple things, his Princess.

“Romy?” He asked raising his eyebrow.

“Yes, Romy, It’s having a rose colored body with cream colored nose. R-O from rose and M-Y from Creamy. So Romy. It’s nice isn’t it?” She grinned widely showing him her chocolate stained teeth.

“Hmm..nice” he muttered.

Who else knows the specialty of the names she gives and the very special reasons behind them, except him?

But still Romy is nice, isn’t it? When compared to Grease, anything is nice.

Grease is the name she gave to the Teddy he bought when she was down with fever to cheer her up.

Usually she is the one who selects her Teddies. But as she is down with fever, he bought her one.

That day itself he had decided not to go for Teddy selection again. It was a green colored one with rose colored mouth. He selected this color as he felt that he had seen almost all the colors and varieties of Teddies  in that shop, in her room except this color. Though the shop-keeper told him not to take that as it was left untouched by every customer since ages, due to its color, Maan felt it was unique, and bought the same only to hear her rants on how at least he should have called her before buying that devil like Teddy.

So, she named her Grease. Gre from Green, se from Rose and the a in between is a connecting link.

She kept that one in the middle of her Teddy collection so that her remaining Teddies don’t get evil eye.

“How come Romy is here?” he asked diverting her completely from her angry mood.

“I purchased it today only.” She said munching her Choco bar.

“Why? “ She looked at him raising her eyebrows.” I mean she is just like Rosy. And moreover, you bought Rosy just a week ago.”

“I didn’t like Rosy’s nose.” She said.

“How many Teddies, Princess? Already half the house is filled with them.”

He only knew how much obsessed she is with Teddies. He too let her do whatever she wanted to. But he is strict regarding her studies, health and care. But she never gave a chance for him to complain. He is always a proud Guardian.

He said though casually, it hit rubbed her wrong side.

She stood up with a jerk and said angrily, folding her hands near chest, “Is this the way Mr. Mickey to welcome a new member of the house?”

Mickey that is what she called him. Though it seemed silly, her explanation behind that made his head spin.

His invisible antennae stood straight, sensing the danger ahead.

“Pr..princess..I didn’t mean know na, how much I love your Teddies…”

She interrupted him showing her hand,” You never loved my Teddies. Nor will you do. That is why you brought Grease to scare them. I know about you well.” And turned away folding her hands at her chest.


She cut him,” Don’t talk to me”

“Princess please listen..”

“No.. means no… I don’t like you. Just leave me alone.”

“OK then” he said moving out of the room slowly.

She followed him slowly frowning that what he is up to now.

He hung his head down and slowly walked towards the front room, standing in the middle of the room he shouted for servants to come.

When they came, he wiped his fake tears and said, “See everyone, Princess doesn’t like me” he looked at her, who by now is sitting on the couch with chin on her palm and elbow on her lap, and looking at him as if she is watching an interesting movie.

Seeing her like that he frowned but continued, “So I don’t want to stay here burdening her, showing my face. So I’m going. Please take care of her.” He looked at her said, “I’m leaving” and wailed.

She tch-ed shaking her head disapproving the fact that he is running a business, while he has a bright future in film industry.

The servants left from there muffling their smiles, as they know what all this is.

He turned towards the door, walking towards it, said loudly, as if voicing his thoughts, “I’m going. What happens to her then? Who will wake her up and make her get ready to school? Who will drop her at school? Who will clarify her doubts while studying? Who will help her in painting? Who will teach her to swim? Who will bring Choco bars daily? Who will take her to Ice cream parlour and beaches?”…She frowned at this. He can esily sense her reaction and he stopped and as if defending..“Ok..though not on the promised days due to important meetings, but some other day”…and continued in his previous voice, “Who will bring her new gaming CDs …”

She wondered, why it is taking so long for him to reach the main door, which he usually does in two seconds with long strides.

After getting no response from her, he used his last arrow, “Most importantly who will make the new room renovated to make it inhabitable for her Teddies?”

She called him,” Mickey…wait”

He smirked mumbling, ” I know” and turned towards her with a distressed expression, “What Princess? Did I hear you call me or am I hallucinating?”

She stood in front of him.

“Mickey..Please don’t go…” He smirked which is short-lived with her next set of words ,“.. before giving me my Choco bar” and she made her hand reach his back pocket and grabbed the chocolate and made a dash before Maan can shout, “Geet ki Bachchi, wait I won’t leave you” and he ran behind her.

Her giggles echoed the mansion with him running to catch her, she hiding, dodging him. And after a while he cornered her and being shorten than him, as a little girl she is, lost her Choco bar as he snatched it from her and the positions reversed, she behind him.

After a while he fell on the bed in their room panting, with arms partly open, after losing his energy and she fell beside him with head on his shoulder.

He gave the chocolate to her which she kept aside, saying she would eat later.

He flung the Teddy which is on the side table at her face, which she hugged getting annoyed at his treatment he gave her Teddy, for which she chuckled.

She turned towards him, keeping the teddy on him, wrapping one her around it, while he wrapped his hands around her.

They both drifted to a peaceful sleep, with Teddy in her arms, and she in his arms.


4 thoughts on “Part-1

  1. ushankitvc

    awesum part…loved the bond maneet shared…..she loves teddys…loved hr style of naming them…continue sooon

  2. awesome update…geet’s way of naming teddy is cute…maan is caring geet like princess…..
    plz continue soon….

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