It is a cool spring dawn, the cool breeze made the tree leaves rustle, breaking the deadly silence from the previous night.

The mild sun rays made their way basking the earth, peeking through the trees, making their way in between the leaves, illuminating the dew drops, into a dark enormous room through the lavish curtains.

As the sunbeam hit the closed eye-lids of a boy in his late teens or better say, early adulthood, sleeping on a king-sized bed, he rubbed his eyes with palm, squinted and batted the eyelids to get adjusted to the light which illuminated his scarily dark room.

He stood to his feet, went near the windows, and opened the curtains to let in the rays in, only to witness a scenic view.

But is his heart ready to enjoy nature??

The cool breeze made his hair flow a little which seemed as if the wind is ruffling his hair, consoling him that everything will be fine.

The leaves of trees just swayed with the breeze as if nodding to acknowledge the wind’s statement.

The sun rays basked his chest through the thin, transparent garment of his shirt, as if assuring him that the darkness in his heart which is underneath, will be filled with light in the same way.

Something started in his heart and he too felt that as if this is the day which is going to change his entire life.

He shook his head and went from there to get ready.




As their owner descended the stairs all the servants batted their eye-lids to hide the moisture that is getting formed to witness the sight in front.

The boy, who used to laugh a lot, play pranks, smile from within is now turned into nothing but a robot with no emotions, no smile, nothing.

He is literally a living dead.

As usual he went away in his official attire, paying a deaf-ear to the servants’ pleas to at least have his breakfast.

His gaze is fixed to the window looking outside as the car made its way from the mansion to his office, while his mind is replaying the events of the fateful day, which made him the way he is.


His was a loving Family with father, the topmost business man in the country, mother who was a lovely wife and a successful home-make, paternal grand-mother who was nothing but a dear friend to all and a little sister who was the apple of everyone’s eye. And of course not to forget her doll, Angel which she fondly called, which she treated like a princess and so did the family.

On one fateful day, when he was alone in the house, as the rest of the family went to attend a function, and left him alone in the house as he was having a little fever, and his family resisted him from accompanying them in that stormy whether; the telephone in the hall rang in breaking the deadly silence in that night only to break him completely with the news.


He ran like a maniac along the hospital corridors. He came to know that both the ladies of the family had succumbed to the injuries caused due to the accident. He ran to the ICU where his father and baby sister were fighting with death. As the little girl resisted to leave her father, she was also placed in the same room with her father.

He felt a pang in his heart seeing his baby sister who was just eight, tied with wires. Before he could reach near her, he heard his father call him, “Maan…”

He quickly rushed near his father wiping his tears, which were getting replaced one after another.

He took his father’s hand in his both,“Ye..yes Dad..I’m here. I won’t let anything happen to you Dad, I’ll…”

“Maan..,” his father pressed his hand softly and said in a weak tone,” Son, I know I can’t survive even if they try I can’t live without your mother and mine…”he closed his eyes making tears fall down.

Maan was shocked with his father’s knowledge of both the wonderful ladies’ departure.

He tried to deny, “Dad..who told you? It’s nothing like …”

“Maan..” his father interrupted, “Maan..I know what has happened and what is going to”he smiled weakly.

Maan who sensed the reason for his smile quickly stated,” Dad..Don’t talk like that, Please  take rest..”

“Maan please let me speak…You may never hear me afterwards..”

“Dad …I can’t live without you all..Please don’t…” Maan broke down.

“You have to Maan,”his father stated firmly,“You HAVE to” Rising his voice which made Maan look into his eyes.


“Yes Maan you have to live if it’s not for your sake also, you have to live”

Seeing Maan’s confused look he continued,“Look Maan, you know that your Grand Father had started a trust which helps children…”

“Yes dad, that trust provides money for orphanages, for poor children’s education and their medical treatments.”

“Yes Maan, but within couple of months of opening that he le..left the world. But your Grandmother did not succumb to that misery, rather wanted to live for the trust’s development, for her husband’s wish.”

“Dad..?”Maan looked at his father confusingly as if why was he saying all that.

“Do you know Maan from where does that trust get money from?”

“From the profits of Khurana Constructions”

“Yes…And I want you to take over our business from now on at least for the sake of the trust.”

“But Dad I’ve just passed out my twelfth!!”

“I know Maan but I don’t trust anyone other than you. Moreover you are going to do this a couple of years later then why not now?”

“Maan don’t trust anyone ANYONE , not even friends, relatives except my Manager Mukesh, who was working for me for decade and a half and now for you. Just follow his guidance”


“Can’t you do this much for you father, Maan?”

Maan sighed in helplessness with tears brimming his eyes.

His father freed his hand from Maan’s hold and forwarded his hand, “Promise me Maan”

Maan looked at his hand and then at him.

“Promise me that you’ll live, you’ll live for the trust” he forwarded his hand even more.

Maan took his hand in his and pressed it lightly assuring him,” I do Dad”

There formed a small smile on the person’s lips before his eyes went blank and his hold weakens on his son’s hand.



He heard a moan when he was looking at his father’s face, unable to control his tears when the doctor came and announced about his father’s departure.


He rushed to his sister’s side, took her hands in his and called her expectantly, “Chhoti”. The loss of his father was replaced by the concern for his sister.

“Chhoti, look here Baby, bhaiyya is here, Baby open your eyes.”

“Bhaiyya..” she mumbled, “Bhaiyya my Angel?”

“Angel…baby wait I’ll get it”

He rushed to search it but couldn’t get it. Where would he search?

He rushed out and asked a nurse who got it. By the time he reached her, she was rolling her eyes.

He immediately went near her, patted her cheeks, “Chhoti don’t close your eyes Baby, please  …See”

He placed the doll in front of her as if showing her while controlling the tears which already made their way out.

“See Bhaiyya found your angel… Chhoti.. Baby..Please.” His voice cracked.

She saw her angel and immediately embraced her.

“Baby … please don’t go leaving your Bhai alone. How can I live without you and doll?”

“Angel…” she corrected him weakly.

He smiled weakly, “Yes  …Baby How can I live without Angel… Please don’t go” he begged her.

“Bhaiyya I’ll send you another angel after asking God when I reach him”

He was shocked at her words. May be sixth sense really existed.

“Baby you shouldn’t talk like that” He tried to sound stern.

On getting no reply from her, he shook her lightly only to feel her body going numb.

Though the impact of the accident was not great on her, the poor thing couldn’t bear the pains and she…


His car halted at his office making his thoughts halt.

Here goes, Maan Singh Khurana, the youngest entrepreneur into his office.

A boy of 18 years, who has been pursuing his degree in business administration besides administering a whole business himself with the help of his manager Mukesh. Not even letting any of his relatives leave about handling but even think of his business.

As told by his father, he didn’t allow any of his relatives enter in his life, who tried to as soon as the demise of his family members.


At the end of the day, by the time he reached his mansion, the restlessness in his heart grew more which he had been casting away from morning.

When he came out of his car, someone dashed him and held him tightly from back and mumbled in a shivering voice,“Please save”.

By the voice he can guess it is of a girl. Before he can look back, he heard some men rushing towards his direction yelling something like get-her.

His guards got hold of them. But as they haven’t moved, he took out his mobile and called out to the police and soon the crowd are under police custody.

As he felt that the hold on his back getting loosened, he turned back and the girl passed out in his hands.



As the doctor examined the ten year old girl who is now on the bed in his room.

When she gained consciousness, she immediately held Maan in fear, who patted her back assuring her and took her in his embrace.

His eyes unintentionally fell on the picture of Chhoti on the wall and then on the doll in her hands.

At the same time one of the servants questioned the girl in his hold, “What is your name cutie?”

Getting deviated from the picture at that, he looked at the girl and whispered what is in his mind while looking at his Chhoti’s picture, at the same time she told her name,



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