The hustle bustle due to the servants running here and there busily for the last-minute preparations, greeted him as he stepped into the mansion excitedly.

There was nothing less than a bliss in his mind. And why wouldn’t it be? After all he was announced as the best industrialist and was going to receive the award shortly.

He informed his wife through the phone and he was informed by his Grand Mother, later in the noon to come home early, as there was a worship going to be held.

He looked around to find his people and found his Grand Mother, busy in giving orders to the servants.

He was about to reach her,”Dadi…”, when he saw a servant handing her a phone saying it’s call from her friend.

After the initial pleasantries, he saw Dadi going pale whispering, “No…This can’t be true….Tell me you are joking….”

And after a slight pause she was profusely sweating. The phone slipped from her hand, and she collapsed on the couch nearby, shouting, ”NOOOOOOOO….”

He rushed to her and took her in his clasp and gave her the glass of water, the servant brought and tried to make her comfortable.

“Dadi”, he called pressing her hand,”…please.. relax…what happened? Don’t you share with me?”

She as if in a trance,”Maan beta …Please tell me this is not true….”

He shook her lightly to make her come out of that trance.

“Dadi, what happened?”

She clutched his hand tightly that was on hers and said,”He is in danger…His life is in danger….”

Tears are flowing from her eyes.

“Whose Dadi?”He frowned thinking whose life might be in danger, at the same time determining himself to save that person at any cost at least for the sake of Dadi.

He took out his phone and called Adi to come to the mansion immediately.

He wiped her tears and softly asked “Dadi, don’t worry, nothing will happen to him, believe me. Now, tell me whose call was that and whose life is in danger?”

“Maan beta …my friend Radha called me and informed that Rahul’s life is in danger..”Her voice was shaking so were her hands.


He frowned,”Who’s Rahul?”

Before he could complete his question, she interrupted him as if remembering an important thing, held his hands and said,”Maan beta, please don’t let Geet know about this..she can’t bear hearing this..”

“Where’s Geet?” He asked looking around.

“She’s in your room getting ready…please don’t let her know beta”

“Okay..Dadi you please relax…I will not let her know…But tell me who is this Rahul and what has happened to him?”

“Beta… Rahul….”

Before she could complete, they heard a loud shriek,”NOOOO…” from the direction where his room was situated.

“Oh no..” Dadi gasped,” Did she come to know?”

Dadi and Maan rushed to the room, getting horrified.

The sight which welcomed them, confirmed that she had the knowledge of the thing they feared.

She was stupefied but her eyes were shedding tears continuously.

Dadi called her,”Geet beta…”

Geet did not move or blink her eyes.

Maan went near her and sat beside her on the bed,”Geet..” he called taking her hand into his.

Getting no response from her, he shook her, which made her come back into her senses.

She looked around and broke down in Maan’s arms, “Maan save him, please…..I can’t live bearing this news… please Maan….Tell him not to leave us…”

Maan was patting her back in order to calm her down.

Dadi came near her and on the other side, she made Geet lay her head on her shoulder and said caressing her hair, “Geet beta, it is to happen…we have nothing to do in it,….we cannot change what Eeshwar has planned to do…”

And they heard someone huffing badly.

They turned their heads only to find Pinky at the entrance panting due to the run she had from her home which is in the next door to that room.

Her one hand had a sandwich which she was munching and the other was busy rubbing her watery nose and eyes simultaneously.

“Geet…Do you know….” Pinky wailed munching her Sandwich.

Geet nodded with teary eyes.

“Geet beta how did you know? Your mobile has gone for repair and there is no phone in your bedroom.” Dadi asked wanting to know the source of Geet’s knowledge.

Maan had ordered the servants to remove phone from the bed rooms as he thought they might disturb the sleep. Only servants lift the calls and the important ones are handed over to the family members.


Geet slowly lifted her head from Dadi’s shoulders and pointed her finger at the television, which everyone had noticed just now, was on.


Maan went to turn it off as Pinky wailed again,” Geet…this should not happen…”, thumping herself on the couch nearby.


“Pinky, you too know him?” Maan asked getting confused. It seems only he didn’t know the person in question.

“Know whom, Sir?” It’s Adi who just entered, asked.

“Some Rahul..It seems his life is in danger…”

Before Maan could complete his reply, he got interrupted by Adi,”Rahul…? Who doesn’t know him, sir?” Adi asked answering his question with a grave expression and sighed deeply.

Maan wanted to pull his hairs. It seems that he is standing alone in the class full of pupils, when teacher asked the one to stand who didn’t know the name of American President.

‘Ok…lemme analyse…Dadi collapsed hearing about him…Geet is crying very badly….Pinky is weeping…and Adi is sad…So the weakest expression is given by Adi…so he is out from the question…and next… Dadi asked not to let Geet know and Pinky also rushed here to know the condition of Geet, so the person may be related to Geet.’

“Err..Geet…Is that Rahul or someone..your cousin or what? Some…brotherly relation ?”

Geet stopped crying and closed her ears,”Chi..chi Babaji…”, while Pinky choked, Dadi gaped at him and Adi was shocked.

Maan was confused,’Did I say something wrong?’, seeing Geet’s glare at him.

“How can you say so…Chi..chi..”

“What did I…”

“Stop it…how can you say that he is my brother, while I have a crush on him?”, she sad dreamily.



He looked around.

Dadi patted Geet’s hair lovingly while Geet blushed a bit, Pinky grinned widely acknowledging the fact and Adi gave him a look filled with pity.

‘What’s happening around?’

His wife openly declared that she had a crush on someone else, his Dadi and her friend are happy..no..no…super happy with that and his employee was pitying him. Great.

He cleared his throat bringing them all back from their dream lands.

“By the way why is his life in danger?” Ok..to stop them from weeping he will definitely save him only to kill him with his bare hands. How dare he occupy his wife’s thoughts? She should only blush at his name not someone else’s. Grr…


By plastering a small to his face, he asked softly,” I..mean.. where is he now?”

“In the hospital”Geet said, shedding tears.

“Does he have any disease or…”

“Accident, Sir” Adi intervened.

“Oh…Then Adi arrange for best doc…”

But before he could complete there started an interesting debate.

“No..Geet.. but the accident didn’t occur, right? How can he be in hospital?”

“No Pinky Beta…It is scheduled to occur na, so he would be in hospital.”

“No Dadi and Pinky it happened and he will be taken to hospital, most probably tomorrow.”

“No Geet.. for us it didn’t occur na?”

“But Pinky it is sure that it will occur na?”

“Geet beta, will the accident take place tomorrow?”

“No Dadi, he will start in his car tomorrow, right? So most probably on Monday the accident may take place.”

Can someone call a doctor? He is going to become mad. His head is already spinning.

If the accident didn’t take place, why were they crying?

What is the meaning os ‘it is scheduled to occur?’

If the accident took place that day, why would he be admitted in hospital the next day?

What is accident occurring for ‘them’?

“I will miss him…”Pinky wailed againg bringing him out from the whirlpool of questions.

“I too” added Geet and Dadi wiped her tears.

Maan looked at Adi who had an expression of ‘Why am I still alive?’

“Adi, where is this hospital where he is or he will be”, Maan held his head,”situated?”

“Film city, Sir”

“Film city??” Maan is utterly bitterly confused.

“Yes, Sir. The shooting is taking place there only.”

Maan dragged him out of the room where the ladies were crying and hissed,”What Adi? You are talking of shooting when one human is losing his life.”

“Sir…Hehehe” Adi laughed nervously adjusting his spectacles.

Something struck Maan’s mind and he asked,”Adi now tell me clearly about that accident which took place or going to take place ..or whatever…tell me EVERYTHING”.


So.. our dear Maan learned about Rahul being a fictional character from the daily soap, Rahul hua Fool, where he played the character of the guy who was rich, intelligent  and returned from US after topping his master’s degree  but got cheated by a girl, Roopa in India and plans to avenge that.


That soap recently completed its seventh year and as the actor who plays the character of Rahul, the protagonist got a film offer wanted to quit the show, the makers planned to show that Rahul succumbed to the accident.


By the time, Adi stopped narrating the whole thing, there was smoke coming out of Maan’s ears and he was fuming badly.

He barged into the room to burst on them.

But seeing the two most wonderful ladies of his family, crying miserably, he decided never to make them shed tears even for the silliest of the reasons.

He came near Adi and told him to arrange a meeting with the makers of that soap.


He was on his way home. He was extremely happy.

Before two weeks he met the makers of the show and then understood the real meaning of Dadi’s words, ‘we have nothing to do in it,….we cannot change what Eeshwar has planned to do…’, when the director introduced himself to be Eeshwar

He  requested them to change the plot and make the protagonist live. When they said they shot the episodes without him showing his death and it was really impossible to reshoot as it would cost more, he paid for the shooting expenses for the shot episodes and ordered them not to show heavy emotional and sad scenes.

When he was told that the actor was out of India for film shooting and not ready to re-enter the soap, losing his future on big-screen; he himself flew to that place and requested him- read begged- him to come back.

But only after much persuasion, the actor agreed with a condition that he should be given double the amount of money that the movie makers thought to remunerate him.

Yes, no need to say that he gave it.

Now, where the problem actually occurred was dealing with the movie makers.

As they shot many scenes with the actor, and reshoot them with someone else with cost much more and that too in a foreign country, moreover getting the dates of other actors was difficult and that will delay the shooting process and expenses increase.

But Maan being Maan, not wanting to see tears in their eyes, requested them like hell.

Finally, after bestowing him with profanities, and charging him with the amount of money that was invested in the film till then and will be wasted in delay till new set of actors are ready to shoot, they agreed to free the actor.


It cost him a fortune. But he thought their happiness is priceless and that was nothing.

He wanted to fly to his home right then and see the happiness in their faces learning about the actors re-entry. But he didn’t want to disclose that he was behind all this, fearing that they’ll never ever open up in front of him.

As some work came up, he prolonged his stay there and returning that day.


The car halted in front of his mansion halting his thoughts.

He excitedly entered the mansion and found the three ladies watching television.

On seeing him Geet happily hugged him and Dadi kissed his forehead, while Pinky greeted him, munching chips offering him some.


He got settled himself on the couch beside Geet and found that the program they were watching was, ‘Know the future tracks of your favourite shows’.

He was more eager than them.

When the segment of ‘Rahul hua Fool’ was being played he enthusiastically looked at everyone.

They showed indifference. Geet flipping the pages of a magazine and Dadi was talking with Pinky.


Seeing them showing no interest, he asked, “Oh… so this one is not dead…so did he and that girl unite?”

“Who knows?” was the answer given by Geet curtly.

He was shocked, “What do you mean by who knows?”

“Maan beta, we are not watching it anymore.”

He was shocked would be an understatement.

His voice came in a mere whisper,”Why?”

“Who will watch those kind of serials Maan?” Geet said.

“No drama, no emotion and nothing… all happy happy scenes.”Dadi continued.

“It’s sooo boring” Pinky decalred.

“So we shifted to a new serial,’Main lutt gaya’, it’s so interesting and the hero is sooo Hot” Geet concluded dreamily.


Before Maan came to his senses, he heard the Television segment said,” A very good news for Arjun’s fans and a very very bad news for ‘Main lut gaya’ fans..which one do you want to hear first? Ok.. don’t worry both are one and the same”, and the anchor gave an irritating snigger before continuing, “And that is… our Arjun the hero of ‘MLG’ got a film offer which earlier thought to be featuring The ‘Rahul hua Fool’ fame but due to some unknown reasons, he was out of the film and that chance was bestowed to our Arjun. So if you are wondering what will happen to his character in ‘MLG’, I’m sorry to say it’s going to die.”


“NOOOOOOOOO……….” Before anyone could react, it’s Maan who had fainted.

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