A huge black limousine stopped before the crowded air-port,with many cars behind it.


A small,short man got out of the car,which was parked behind the limousine with a garland in his hands and waited in front of the airport.


All the men,who were in black,got out of their respective cars and stood there surrounding this small man.

The mild sun rays,the cool breeze,made him drowsy.





A tall,strong,astoundingly handsome man came running.

He got out of the airport ,rushing towards the small man.


The small one is dozing in standing position.


He came near the small man and called him,“Chandu??”

The small man slowly opened to see the owner of that commanding voice.


The tall man then saw the garland in Chandu’s hands and looked at his eyes with a frown,his lips got parted with a shock.



Chandu now completely opened his eyes,realizing that his owner is looking at him.



The strong man noticed Chandu’s eyes,and Chandu’s red eyes doubled his doubts.

He asked Chandu,“How is Dadi?”


Chandu looked down at the floor,and got lost in thoughts.


The handsome man,then kept his hands on Chandu’s shoulders and shook Chandu shouting,“Chandu.SPEAK OUTTT!!!!!What happened to Dadi??”


Before he could complete his question,he heard ,Chandu’s small whisper,“…gone…”


He got startled,and left Chandu’s shoulders and looked at the floor ,tears rolling down his cheek.He touched the tears on his cheeks and looked up into the sky.





I heard Chandu’s voice,”…gone…”




I doubted it the moment ,I saw the garland in Chandu’s hand.

He must have brought it here ,so that I might keep it on Dadi’s ..aah..I mean on Dead Dadi,soon after we reach the mansion.

His red eyes doubled my doubt.

Poor fellow,he loves her so much.

He must have cried oceans .


While I was occupied in the thoughts,I felt some wetness on my cheeks.

I touched my cheeks and looked up at the sky.

Is it raining?


I don’t think so.


Then this wetness??


After some fractions of seconds,I noticed the source of the water on my cheeks as my eyes.


Yayyy..I found that…





What ??!!





Are there tears in my eyes,?


Me,’The’ Maan Singh Khurana??


But the most surprising and shocking thing is not concerned with the source,but the reason.


Yes,What is the reason for these tears??


Are these out of joy or sorrow??


Whatever it may be,but I,The MSK,will never ever let the emotions,rule over me.


I wiped the tears,made my way towards my black limousine and sat inside.


I leaned my head on the headrest and closed my eyes,keeping my hands on the seat,on either side of my body,palms facing the seat.



He wiped his tears,walked towards his limousine,not even giving a look to Chandu,who was trying to give Maan ,the garland in his hand.


He sat inside and closed the door.


Chandu quickly got into the car behind the limousine ,and the men dressed in black ,into their respective ones.



The cars made their way to the Khurana Mansion.




My eyes are still closed.

Only thing that is visible is pitch darkness,which engulfed me years ago in the name of my Don Dadi.



Dadi,the woman who my tongue fears to talk of,my mind fears to think of and my heart fears to store in.



Though I was born in London,though majority of our business lies in London,the only reason for my stay here,India is in DADI.



She is the one,who showed me the hell on earth.


Though she forced Mom’s delivery to be done in KM,Dad’s concern for mom and me made my birth to take place in London.


Dadi then insisted us to stay in India,and take care of our business from here itself.

Dadi is not such a patriot but the KM,which was our ancestral property made her ,force us to stay in India.


Dad and Mom also loved her,which made them take the burden of flying to London ,now and then leaving me on her.Uff.



Dad ,Mom and Dadi used to be very friendly .


Mom and Dadi used to fight,not like the typical Saas-Bahu ,fights.


But something like fun-filled,love filled,something worth-watching.

Dad always used to comment them,“You two are cho chweet”

And they three used to have a hearty laugh,and I used to add mine to their sweet voices.


Mom also worked with Dad.So she and Dad used to be together,in their every journey,even in death.


Dadi,whom I used to fear most due to her over-pampering,became my worst nightmare from then.


Her care towards me increased.


I used to feel like burning myself on the spot.



I was dreaming to stand on my own legs .

But she ,ufff.


It was when I entered the college and one of her friends asked her about my girlfriends.


I was an introvert,and am now too.


Dadi ,then onwards became the Villan of my life.She used to send me to discos and pubs with the girls of my class,and only got complaints from them that I was such a numb,sitting at the corner ,reading class books.

Then girls were called to our mansion too.

I did the same thing.



Then came a new law in home-“Ban the Books”



this Dadi grr.


If I was found reading either in date or in home,I had to kiss a girl in front of her.


I till then saw Dadis who chant God’s name,make their grand children walk in straight path.


But my Dadi – no no my Dushman ,made me feel like jumping from over a cliff,with her embarrassing words itself.



I then used to read the books ,in washroom,excusing myself from them.

They then used to complain about my hours-long stay in wash room

I then justified my act to Dadi as,” I couldn’t control myself Dadi”,

and making her feel satisfied with my x-rated answer and then literally banged my head on the wall without her notice.


Then I flied to London ,in the name of stidies and with the intention of escaping from my Dusth Dadi.


After ,I undertook the full responsibilities from her,of our business,a new force started from her.

To name my kids after her.

I offered her my opinion of adopting children and naming them as “Savitri”

She raised her eyebrows,which indicated me her dissatisfaction of this idea.I then suggested of adopting some girl with her name.


She clenched her fists and banged on the wooden desk,which was in between us.


‘I want YOUR children to be named after me’ she stressed the word,’your’


Now ,I took the turn to bang on the desk,

but as soon as my fists touched the desk,it broke into two.


I gaped at it.

Now ,the thing bothering me most is not MY kids getting named after Dadi,

but something new,which proved me ,that I was gone mad after staying with this Dadi.


Was it my fist,which broke this desk ,or was it Dadi’s fist and it fell on my slightest touch.?



I looked at Dadi,who seemed to be only concerned about her great-grandchildren,and nor even slight bothered about my inner turmoil and the split-into-two-newly-imported-expensive-desk.



Seeing,her expression,I unintentionally questioned( better to stay the question got escaped from

my mouth),



‘what if I give birth to only boys ,no girls?’


She gave an evil smile and said,” I will call them Savitur,Savitir,Savit,Savitar,and anyways I wish too.And so you have accepted to marry.”


“When did I ?”,I asked her shockingly.


“Ha ha Beta how can you give birth to boys without marrying?”


When I was about to open my mouth to answer back,she said,walking away,“I’m not ready to listen to your ‘by sperm donation’ type of ideas .”


She walked away.


I then got really irritated and left a note on the top of that peacefully-sleeping-on -floor desk that I would never ever  return to India and left for London.



After few weeks of no talks between us  and,though I always inquired about her through my mansion’s servants and care takers,I bet she too did the same ,afterall,I’m her most pampered,only grand child,;

I was announced as the No.1 industrialist.


My mobile rang ,I gave a big grin ,thinking,’I know,you cannot control yourself from talking to me especially on this day,which you dreamt of till now.’


I picked up the call,as it said,it’s from home.


Home – my home,my family is only Dadi,

so I thought it  was Dadi.


But after I heard a male voice greeting me ,‘hello’,

I found myself shouting at him,”Who are you Idiottt???”


The other voice which was then ,shivering,said,“S…s..sir,me ,VaidhNath,”


“Doctor ???? Why ?what happened?”I asked panicking.


“No..Nothing Sir,Your dadi is expected to get a heart attack on next thursday.”



“Ye..yes sir..That’s what she tol…I mean we found out”



I came out of the shock and shouted,”If she is expected to get,heart attack,You guys are expected to prevent it,aren’t you.”


“So..sorry sir,but…”


Before I could hear further,the call ended,as if someone from behind the doctor,had forcefully cut it.


I tried calling ,back so many times and no one responded.


I thought that it was one of Dadi’s worst pranks,to make me come home and didn’t return India.


Two days back,while I was returning from the award ceremony,where I was given the honor of the top most industrialist ,I again got a call from VaidNath.


He reminded me of my Dadi’s expected heart attack today,which made me rush to the airport,without even stepping inside the mansion.



But Dadi’s expected Heart attack,is really punctual and it took her away.




While I was still in my thoughts,from my birth till Dadi’s death,I heard Adi’s tone,“Sir,please come inside “






The black limousine,followed by the cars,arrived into the HUGE ,indescribably beautiful Mansion,which was decorated even beautifully, making it the most beautiful and amazing place in the world.



Khurana Mansion-


The biggest and most beautiful ancestral house (better to say palace),in India.


It is usually crowded because of the-going-coming- business-men’s cars,servants,care takers of every room and even Dadi’s pleas about Maan’s marriage.







The limousine passed through the huge mammoth sized flawless white gates and entered the Mansion.


The limousine got parked in the huge the-size-of-largest- runway  parking slot .


The driver,quickly opened the door,but Maan,who is lost in thoughts,had his eyes closed still.


Adi,the chief-incharge of the projects in Khurana constructions,came  there rushing and said,“Sir,Please come inside”



Maan opens his eyes,and slowly walks inside his Manison through the giant doors ,and is shocked to see so many girls in the front waiting room.



All the girls who were dressed in the shortest,they could and had make overs,the largest they could,stood up on seeing him,giving him the sexiest looks,and drooling over him.





He shook his head in disapproving the fact that these girls are still in their own selves,drooling over him,though it is the time to cry.


‘Why these many girls?’

He first thought to himself,before entering the hall.


Then he reasoned them to be the ones,his Dadi choose for him to date,and they must have come to see Dadi’s body.


He entered the beautifully decorated hall and was first shocked to see decorations at this time,and then justified it to be due to his Dadi’s liking in decorating the Mansion ,made the servants do so,for the last time for Dadi.



In the hall,there stood a large portrait of smiling Dadi.



Maan slowly went there and stood silently staring at it.


He then spoke to the portrait,“Dadi,you wanted me to name my children after you,but before that you have passed away.Don’t worry I will give your tomb,your name”



He heard Chandu’s voice,“Maan sir”


He turned around,let out a sigh and then noticed that Dadi’s body is nowhere.

He asked with a frown,”Chandu,where is Dadi??”,meaning,Dadi’s body.


“In her room Sir,”Chandu honestly said.


“What??Why did you leave her there ?Bring her here,everyone is here”


“Sir,no one can bring her”Chandu replied,imaging Dadi’s weight.




“Sir,Dadi wants you to come to her room”


“She WANTS??”


“Yes sir”,saying so Chandu left for Dadi’s room leaving a stunned Maan behind.

After some time,after coming from shock,Maan,sensing something fishy,left for Dadi’s room.



He got really really schocked ,in fact scared to see Dadi in front of mirror,busy trying different jewelry.




Dadi,slowly turned towards the door and grinned on seeing Maan.


She quickly came near him and said,“Beta,You came??Come come,get ready soon.”



She tried to drag him to the room holding his arm,but he stood gaping at her.

“We..wern’t You dead??”


Dadi laughed very loudly

“Not before you naming your kids after me.”



He soon remembered every incident that took him there.

He slapped his forehead with his left palm,keeping his right hand on his waist.

‘How did I fall in this trap?’


He came and sat on the bed.


Dadi left out with Chandu,assigning some work to him.


‘Then why are those girls waiting here?’,Maan’s thoughts are interrupted when his eyes caught the sight of the local news paper,on which his photo was printed on the front page.



He took it into his hands,thinking it to be the news related to his topping the industrialists.


He slowly opened the paper and was awestruck.

He felt his world spinning at a speed of a crore kilometers per second.




He read out the news with shock,


“Come,to the event-The Swayamvar of the Sexiest Maan Singh Khurana,

The topmost industrialist.

Eligibility-All adult,beautiful girls are eligible,below 24 years.

Venue-Khurana Mansion,this Thursday.”


He eyes then fell on his own picture,which was smiling at him.

‘So it was not Dadi,who was expecting a heart attack,but it is me’,he thought,placing his palm over his heart.


His thoughts went to a beautiful place.


Where girls wearing armors,were participating in archery and sword fighting competitions and Dadi, judging them.


Maan,himself,wearing a saree,shying behind the veil,walks slowly towards the winner and places the garland in his hands,around her neck.


The girl then made him sit on the horse and rode it towards her kingdom.




His horrible future thoughts were interrupted by the noise made by Chandu.


He looked at Chandu.


Had Chandu,not told in the airport that Dadi was gone,in the airport,he would have returned to London,from there itself.


He felt like killing Chandu with his own hands,as Chandu destroyed his last lifeline.


“CCHHAAANNNDDUUU”,Maan,threw the paper away and ready to pounce on Chandu.


Chandu,quickly ran and hid behind the pillar in that room.


“Chandu?You good-for-nothing-idiot ,you lied to me,you lied to Maan Singh Khurana??”



“Lieee??”Chandu asked innocently.


“Yes,Lie,to Me,didn’t you say,Dadi’s gone??‘,he said trying to catch Chandu,who was busy in escaping Maan.


Chandu stood for a while and remembered the airport scene.


————–In airport——————–


Chandu was feeling drowsy.


He was dozing off.


He felt some one’s stare on him.

He opened and found Maan in front of him,waiting for his reply.



Chandu then felt Maan shaking him,shouting something like ,’Speak out’


He immediately remembered Dadi’s warning of ‘Don’t talk anything to Maan ‘

And Maan’s shots of ‘Speak out’


He said under his breath,“If I speak,she will kill me,If I don’t He will kill me,Chandu,anyways,you are …gone…”



He said the same to Maan,who immediately left out to speak to Dadi.








Maan was sitting alone in that lawn,when he saw some girl rushing towards the Mansion.

She had some books in her hands.


He didn’t pay attention towards her,and turned his face away.


As he had rejected to participate in the-so-called-Swayamvar,Dadi,told him that she would be selecting a girl to him.



He let out a sigh and then he heard a noise.



He saw the girl,who was rushing,had fallen down.


He shook his head,and stood up and walked towards her,to help her.


He then found one of her books and picked it up.



He read the name which was in a beautiful hand-writing.


He read it out,“Geet Handa”.


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