Vicky really got tensed, when Geet had told him the previous night that she HAD to move to the apartment provided by her boss. This acted as a fuel to what he listened over the phone.

Now his doubts got doubled.

Early that morning an Aston Martin Rapide halted in front of his mansion to take Geet to the new apartment.

Hey! Whom is he kidding?

The Great MSK sending a car, of course not to forget the Aston one, and that too for a mere secretary who is temporary.

Isn’t it really really fishy?

And now, they are in the car on the way to the apartment.

How can he leave her alone when he has to make sure she would be safe and her boss isn’t having any ulterior motive behind all this?

He told her to stay in his mansion and that he would request her boss but she insisted to send her away otherwise her job would be at stake.


Unaware of his inner turmoil Geet has been blabbering about something or the other, like how helpful her KC colleagues are except her boss, how peaceful and pleasant it is working there except in the presence of her dusht danav etc.


He came out of her reverie when Geet said,“Hey Vicky ! Haven’t we been to this place before?”

And then he noticed that they entered the area where Khurana Mansion is situated.

By the time he could process the whole thing, they are inside the compound wall of KM.

He opened his mouth to question the driver and the body guard who are seated in front, “Why are..”

Before he can complete, the car came to a halt and the doors on their respective sides are opened by two men dressed in black just like the body guard in the car.

He is in a complete shock. He tried to ask them, but no one is in a state to even listen. They are busy informing something to someone over their Bluetooth.  

Moreover, Geet is pestering him with questions like,“Vicky, have I been to this place earlier?”

“Do you think I’ve seen this tree really or is this my deja vu?”

“Are you too feeling the same or is it only me?”

One of the body guards took the luggage from the car and about to go, when Vicky held the back of his shirt and pulled him back, as a result that guy got unbalanced and fell on Vicky who in turn fell on the ground with the guard on him.

“Awww my back “, yelled Vicky which cracked up Geet and she laughed throwing her head back.

It is when she noticed Maan in his room looking through the window at her.

Yes , Maan who had been waiting for her from the morning , got totally immersed in her angelic beauty which is getting illuminated by the mild morning rays, cool breeze that is making her tresses kiss her cheeks ,her boyish attire and her musical laughter.

He is no less to a Greek God ,the golden morning rays that are highlighting his chiselled features, his semi-transparent white shirt that is flowing with the breeze ,his toned chest which is visible through the first few opened buttons , any girl who sees him like this, how much ever misandrist she is, cannot control herself from whispering the word ,“handsome” for him.

But Geet , being our very own Geet looked at him for few seconds , then knit her brows and saw here and there for something and then when she found one picked it up and threw it in his direction.

Maan who first didn’t understand her acts dodged himself quickly from the stone she threw.

It hit the vase instead.

“You MORON!!!” Geet shouted gaining everyone’s especially Vicky’s attention, who by now is able to stand properly with others’ help.

Maan by now rushed outside the building paying a deaf-ear to Dadi’s calls to him.

Geet seeing Maan running towards her, ran in his direction with same speed .

When they came face to face, Geet raised her index finger in front of his face not paying attention to his glares.


“You…you ,how many guts are you having to call me an idiot?”

“Ha …to call an idiot as an IDIOT, no need to have many guts, one mouth is enough, you STUPID”

He held her hand turned her back and twisted her hand and pinned to her back.


Her back is facing him.

(Guys something like this …awww my fav coupleEmbarrassedBig smile)



When she started yelling, he place his hand over her mouth, and then..

“Argh… ouch…”

She bit him and he withdrew both his hands, one which is closing her mouth and the one which is holding her hand.

She straightened herself and folded her hands at her chest and looked away,“Huh”

Maan and Geet are in their own world unaware of the surroundings which included Vicky, Dadi and rest of the KM servants who are shocked for seeing witnessing Maan’s this type of behaviour the first time especially with a girl.

Vicky too heard from many sources about Maan and his polite behaviour with women but here he is..


“You, you what are you thinking of yourself, ha? Calling boss an idiot and biting his hand that too in his house?”

“You mister, look, you are my boss only in the office not outside.”

“That doesn’t mean you can attempt a murder on me with a stone and that too in my house. “He glared equally.

“That’s not my fault, you dug your own grave. “She looked away.

“Grave?Me?Care to explain?”He folded his hands.

“See, I already told you that I want an off today and you too said that you are excusing me for only this Sunday.You ordered me to shift to a new apartment, which takes almost half a day, moreover you made your men take me here on the pretext of taking me to my new apartment, as I’ve denied coming to office so that you can make me work here .Huh ,so my Sunday went down drain.”

“Hold on, hold on my dear Honda City ,Apply brakes to your flow.I didn’t call you here to make you work.See there ..”,he pointed at a building within the premises of KM which is on the opposite side of his room ,clearly visible from there “That used to be my parents office and you are going to stay there from now on.”

Vicky and Dadi are shocked would be an understatement.

“Me?In your house…?”She asked dazed.

“Nah, in our outhouse” he corrected.


“ see.. you are my secretary ..and I may need you..”


“I mean  …in official works and calling you from some far off places at odd times …and you’ve to spend most of your salary travelling…and you will ask me for a rise in your salary …and seeing you many others will come to me asking a rise and … and KC may fall into financial crises …so you’ve to stay here”

Seeing him blabbering like a fool Vicky and Dadi had to look at each other’s faces.

Though they don’t know each other personally, Vicky knew her as Maan’s Dadi and Dadi came to know form the body guards that he is Geet’s friend.

Geet is gaping at him like a fool with mouth open and seeing her, “Hmm I’ve some work “saying so Maan fled from there.


Vicky helped Geet in adjusting things in her new place.

Though there is nothing to arrange as everything is fixed and surprising to both Geet and Vicky, everything is arranged according to Geet’s taste, Vicky stayed there sometime to observe Maan.

Unaware of the fact that Vicky is noticing him,Maan is busy in gazing Geet , who is in her own world jumping ,running observing everything in her new place.

From Maan’s looks Vicky easily framed out that there is no harm to Geet from Maan.

There is something else and he has to frame that out.

At the same time, Dadi too decided to trace this odd behaviour of Maan out.

So, Vicky and Dadi joined together on the Mission Maan’.



Maan woke up next morning with a smile on his face.

He didn’t even know when he drifted to sleep seeing her sleeping form from his window whose height he lowered so that he will be able to see the whole of her new house .

As he got an emergency call he had to go before she woke up.


He spent the whole day away from office.

By the time he reached KC, everyone is wrapping up and she too is ready to leave.

He immediately called the cab driver and told him to go away.



Geet after finishing her work, went to the place where usually her cab would be waiting, only to find it deserted.

It is completely dark and deserted there and she is alone which frightened her a bit.

She took out her mobile to make a call and she got startled hearing a horn sound behind her.

She looked back only to find Maan’s car there and the driver came out and opened the back door for her.

She went there and Maan gestured her to sit.

She is hesitant “Si..sir I’ll hire a cab sir, Thank you”

He cleared his throat,”Ahem ,See Miss Honda , I don’t know whether you know or don’t know that there is fuel crises in the world today. Why to waste double amounts of fuel for journey to the same destination? We have to be responsible towards human population. So sit “

She sat gaping at him thinking,“From when did he become this much responsible towards humans? Then why am I still feeling that he has those invisible horns and he has done make up to cover his skin tone?”

Her reverie got broken when he snapped his fingers in front of her face.

The drive is silent just until they crossed the area where KC is situated, but then…


That’s it.

Maan ,who is sipping his black coffee flipping papers of a magazine ,stealing glances at Geet ,choked his drink.


“Sir..Are you Okay? “She kept one of her hands on his back and one on his chest and started stroking him to soothe him.

She looked worried.

He didn’t know whether to feel happy because of her concern or sad because she called …

“Bhai..Bhaiyya..who?”he asked dreaded.

“Aaa wo driver bhaiyya, hmm by the way are you alright sir?”

Maan let out a huge sigh of relief and adjusted his posture, cleared his throat and said, “Yes Miss Honda” rather sternly.

She pouted withdrawing her hands,“Dusht Danav”

“Yes?You said something?”

“No Sir, absolutely not”

“Driver bhaiyya!”


“Turn on the radio na please, it is so boring in here “

The driver looked at Maan asking his permission. Maan, who is flipping the pages acted as if he is least concerned but his total attention is towards this conversation.

The driver gave I’m-sorry-I’m helpless-He’s-not-bothering-look to Geet through the mirror.

She let out a sigh, “Will it be like this every day? Boring, dull, annoying drive?”

The driver nodded weakly.

“What can you expect from a boring person?”

“Haa Madam “But Maan’s one glare shut him up.

“Miss Honda, I’m your boss and you are supposed to be acting officially what is this?”

“Hello, you are my boss in the office, we passed the office premises and moreover it is past the office time. And it’s you who asked me to sit here otherwise I would have been in a cab enjoying the latest hits.”

“Bhaiyya on the radio na please please please ,he will not do anything. I may die of boredom in few minutes.”

Driver looked at Maan expectantly to which Maan shook his head letting out a sigh,“Ok”

She jumped with joy and pulled Maan’s cheeks,“Good Boy” and least bothered about his bewildered expression.

The driver too turned the radio on and it is the Lungi Dance’ that is being played.

Geet who till now sat silent, started moving her body to the music beats.

With the passing song, her moves became ferocious. She literally is jumping from her seat.

Maan, who used to peak at her through the magazine, kept it aside completely and is enjoying her moves. He couldn’t supress his smile.


The driver also got completely immersed in the song that he didn’t notice the speed breakers and when the car passed through them,

Geet who is jumping got landed in Maan’s lap, her lips got placed on his cheek and when she is trying to get up, the driver applied a sudden break seeing Geet in Maan’s lap and her lips got pressed hardly on Maan’s lips. She slowly withdrew herself, sat silently on the seat.

The driver gave an apologetic look to Maan, to which he acted coolly and that shocked the driver to the core who expected Maan to burst on him.

He decided to tell this to Dadi as soon as they reach.

Geet is totally embarrassed even to look at him.

The rest of the drive is silent except for the songs that are being played through the radio.

When they reached Geet is the one who first opened the door to escape from him as soon as possible as she doesn’t know how to face him.


But Maan called her before she rushes inside,“Geet, wait”

She stopped in her tracks looking down.


He thought to make her normal, “You stole my first hug,being seated first on my lap, my first peck on cheeks, and my first kiss on lips on the very first day you sat in my car, what left only to be…”


Before he can complete, he yelled,“Aaarrrggghh”

“… only to be stomped by me first on your leg “she completed his sentence stomping on his leg hard.

“…wait..”,before he can catch her, she ran inside.

He too went to his room limping, deciding to deal with her later for this.



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