He found one of the books of the fallen girl,picked it up and read the name which is in a beautiful hand writing ,“Geet Handa”.


He read the name and looked at the girl,who is on the floor and whose bouncy loose hair veiled her completely.


When she heard the name from his voice,she threw her hair with her right hand and looked at the source of the voice.


He couldn’t divert his gaze from the most angelic face,he had ever seen.


She pouted cutely and stretched her hand in his direction.

But he is not in his self.


‘Is she an angel? She is very cute.Her bouncy brown hair,her beautiful hazel eyes,her cutely pouted pink lips,her milky white glowing skin,her’..’

She frowned a little as the person standing in front of her,is staring her ,without offering her a helping hand.


She shouted,“HHEEELLLPP”,breaking his reverie.


He got startled at the high-pitched voice.


But one more quality of hers is added to her descriptions by him,’her-taste-of-honey-voice’.

He wondered,did he really know these many adjectives in his life till now?


But he came to know the true meaning of those words now.


Still, his heart feels discontented and dissatisfied and his mind is searching for words to describe the girl from whom,his eyes are refusing to turn away from;as she is indescribably and unexplainably beautiful.


He stretched out his left hand and held her right hand.


With a jerk,he pulled her up.


That is so sudden that ,she hit his chest and in a reflex,his right hand ,which is still holding her note-book,wrapped round her waist from right to left.


She slowly raised her head,which was till now hid in his chest ,and looked into his chest and looked into his dark brown eyes,which were again lost in her.

After a while,she composed herself and came out of his embrace.


She bent down to wipe off the mud from her trousers.


Now he noticed her from head to toe.


She is in upto-elbow-half-sleeve ,white-bordered-V-neck-lined,navy blue blouse and below-knee-length jeans.

He again got smitten by the simple yet most beautiful girl in front of him.

She asked,“Is Swayamvar started?”,still bending.

Her voice broke his thoughts and he couldn’t hear what she asked ,so he asked,“What?”

Because,he is not the one,who begs for pardon if he cannot listen to the speaker as he feels it is the mistake of the speaker,as he couldn’t make his voice audible enough for the listener.If the speaker is he himself,then,it is the mistake of the listener as he failed to give his full attention to Maan.

She straightened herself and looked at him for few seconds.

She then asked him a question,which he cannot even expect to be asked to ‘him’ even in his worst nightmares.

“Did MSK arrive?”

“WWHHAAATT” he shouted as a response.

But she seemed to be least concerned about the biggest shock he got in his life and continued looking into sky as if she got hypnotized ,“You know??He is the most handsome and most virile person I’ve ever seen.”she said beaming ,keeping her hands on her cheeks.

“WHAT and WHAT you’ve ever seen?

I…I mean did you see him even once?”


He had heard from many sources that he is handsome but now it came to him as a shock.


She diverted her gaze from sky to him and said angrily,“Heyy!!What are you asking??You know?

I’m his determined,devoted,die-hard,dyed-in-the-wool,dedicated,explicit,extreme,faithful,intransigent,obstinate,resolute,staunch,stead-fast,stubborn,uncompromising,unwavering and loyal fan.”


His head spinned,“What ,what and WWHHAAATT?”


She stared at him for a while and smiled.

“Hi,I’m Geet Handa.Nice to meet you”,she stretched her hand as to shake hers with his.

“WHAAAT?” He got shocked again.

‘Is she insane or what?’


She first asked him about ‘his’ arrival and then next said that he was handsome and then claimed herself to be his big fan and now introducing herself.He himself is going to be insane with her mindless blabbering.


“Yes Mr.What.First,I thought that you are questioning me ‘what’.Then you were continuously repeating that word.So,it must be your name,right?I’m sorry,I didn’t introduce myself immediately when you said your name for the first time.Are you W-H-A-T ,What or W-A-T-T- Watt?”

“WH…”he immediately closed his mouth before the word of his shock state escapes his mouth, worsening the condition further.


“Hey!!If you are for Swayavar,come fast”they heard a voice from Maan’s back.

She jumped and looked over from Maan’s shoulder at the guard who called her.


Her bouncy hair which jumped along with her,her cute antics ,again made him fall for her.


She turned towards Maan and said with a huge grin,“Okey,Mr. ..err…What or Watt.whatever;bye for now,wish me luck”,and without waiting for his response she rushed inside with her books.


He kept staring at the direction,she disappeared and slowly raised his right hand which had her book and his lips got stretched in opposite directions a little,giving one of his most beautiful smiles.




It’s been two hours of his sitting in the lawn.

He is having a great time ,seeing the drained,disheartened faces of girls exiting the mansion.

Somewhere in his heart,he did not want Geet to be one of them.

So,he is searching for her face among those girls,hoping she shouldn’t be one of them.

He got curious about the process as well as nervous about Geet and decided to enter the mansion.

He got surprised to see the deserted mansion.

He called Adi,who was sitting helplessly in a corner.

Adi,fearing his death for not informing about all this to Maan beforehand,went near him shivering.

Adi got shocked on hearing Maan’s cool question,“Is the interview or that Swayamvar over?”

“Si..sir,the final round is going on.”

His heart jumped with joy,which he too doesn’t know why,’Geet is in.’

Maan wanted to know the actual process which were involved in the swayamvar,so he asked about the same to Adi.

“Err…Sir,Daadiji said that it is highly confidential.She said that only jury members should know about that in order to protect the paper from leakage.”

He wanted to peep into the room where the jury,which consisted of Maan’s Daadi and her two close friends,is testing the final contestants.

Though MSK hates to do things secretly and peep in,Maan in him,wanted to know everything.

So,slowly and secretly he made his way to the room.

Al he can hear is the same sweet voice,he heard two hours ago,talking very confidently.

He wanted to eavesdrop for the first time in his life and went closer to he room and stood at a place from where he could listen everything but no one can notice him.

“….he is the most virile industrialist and elegant person.He was interested in business from his childhood and he became a ‘king-maker’ at a very young age.

Many feared that he will fail.But he has proved them wrong.

He started topping in all fields,once he undertook business.

He is the best and he is great.”


His heart started dancing madly with joy.

He heard all these praising from many people and media also.

But he is feeling top of the world listening this from her mouth.

He didn’t know why.He doesn’t know whether he got attracted to her or he loves her.

But he surely feels something for her.

He decided not to ponder over his feelings and destroy his bliss,he is feeling at present.which he never experienced.

He decided to act according to and get carried away by these feelings.


He first questioned ,’How can someone love another without even seeing him?Is she after money’

But after listening to Geet,he smacked himself for thinking about Geet in that way.

‘She must have imagined me to be the most handsome,only because she loves me.’

He again fell for her because of her selfless,flawless and purest Love.


He silently prayed for Geet’s win.

It wouldn’t make any difference to him if she wouldn’t be the winner also,as Daadi never goes against his will.


He hid himself further ,though he is not visible from the present position also;when he heard the door getting opened.

All the girls including Geet,went away.

He wanted to run towards her and hear her melodious voice,if not at least see her angelic face one more time.

But some voices from inside stopped him.

“I think I’ll vote for Geet”,one of Daadi’s friends said.

“Met too,What about you Savitri?”another friend questioned.

Maan is becoming nervous with each passing second,waiting for Daadi’s decision.

He loves Daadi very much.If she doesn’t select Geet,how can he state to Daadi that he likes Geet and disappoint her?

Daadi let out a sigh.

Maan tightened his grip on Geet’s notebook which he is holding with his two hands ,close to his chest.

“Me too”,Daadi made him literally jump.

No one can exactly describe the amount of happiness that filled his body,mind,heart and soul at this point.

He opened her notebook ,ran his fingers over the letters which read,Geet Handa,and said smiling,“Geet Maan Khurana”.




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