Maan ,the great MSK, is actually feeling nervous.

He didn’t even sleep properly in the night rehearsing the whole night on what to talk,how to behave and even how to smile ,which he never gave even a one-second-thought before his meetings worth millions with clients.

But he didn’t look weary at all,though the rest he did take was only a short nap ,in the early hours of dawn.

Because he had dreamt of her,only Her.

Her bouncy brown hair,her beautiful hazel eyes,her cutely pouted pink lips,her milky white glowing skin,her sweet melodic voice,her simplicity,everything –but only about HER.

He too discovered onething today,that is- he is actually not a bad,err better to say a good actor.

When Daadi kept in front of him the proposal of meeting the winner of the swayamvar today, at the breakfast table,he acted as if he is not interested and gave an unwilling nod,as if he is doing this,only and ONLY for Daadi’s sake.


Daadi,though douted first for his not being in MSK mode of completely denying the proposal,and leaving from there,and pouring water on her rehearsals to pacify him and make him agree to meet her;DID believe that he agreed unwillingly only for her.All thanks to his hidden acting talent.

Poor daadi,didn’t know that he had actually agreed not for her but for HER.



He revised his speech which he mentally made ,emended umpteenth times,the previous night,getting discontented everytime.But finally came with one.


Though he is willing ,may be more than that to meet her,he is feeling nervous at the same time.


This new feeling is completely a bliss to him.

He actually planned to meet her the previous day itself .

He is THE MSK,so it is not that tough for him to find her address and details.In fact it takes the time to blink ,for him to find about her.


But he wanted everything to be done as planned,not in a hurried way.


The servant came and informed him of her arrival,which made him to come back to this world from her thoughts.


He made his way towards the backyard ,where he saw her being seated near the large swimming pool,at one of the white rest tables.

Her back is facing him.

But there is something different in her today.

Her hair is loose just like the previous day,but is colored with a red-shade here and there to some strands.


She is wearing a one-shoulder, knee- length red dress ,which perplexed him.

He approached her,and looked to the book she if flipping and got confounded.

She is actually flipping the pages of a fashion magazine.


Though he expected her to be in her simple dress,like that of the previous day,though he didn’t expect her to be interested in fashions,he wanted to talk to her and express his feelings for her,as he listened to her feelings about him in swayamvar.


He slowly made his way towards the chair opposite to her,and sat there,without looking at her.


He saw that she kept the magazine on the table and adjusted her position.

He slowly lifted his eyes to see her angelic face,then he got shocked ,then relieved and then angered.

Shocked to see another girl in that place.

Relieved that this fashion freak is not Geet.

And then angered to see her here as he is expecting his Geet.


She gave him her biggest grin.

He shouted at her,“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?”

She jumped with the intensity of the voice.

She answered shivering,“I…..I….I’m Sa..Sameera”

He tossed his left hand in air,from left to right,as if casting aside her sentence.

“Aaah …Whatever”,he said in his MSKish attitude,“What are you doing here?”



“Look lady,I don’t have my whole day for you,make it quic…..”

Before he can complete,he heard daadi’s voice addressing the girl,“Sameera beta,you came?”

She then turned to Maan and said,“Maan beta,she is the winner of The Swayamvar,Miss Sameera Singhania “

He couldn’t believe his ears ‘WHHAAATTT’,but those words didn’t dare to escape from his mouth.

How is this possible?

Daaadi herself said that she had voted for and selected Geet.

Then …His already jolted mind couldn’t make any conclusions then after.

Daadi said,addressing the two with a big smile,“Hope you two have a quality time”with this she left.

But Maan kept gaping at the direction in which Daadi left.

After sometime he composed himself and turned towards the girl,who is still shivering because of his shouts and asked,“Are you the winner of the Swayamvar?”

For that she simply nodded her head looking frightened.

He asked in the same stern voice,“Then who is Geet?”,looking at her as if he is about to pounce on her.

She gulped down and looked at him as frightened as a deer who is forcefully being sent into a starving-from-a -week lion’s cage and revealed the truth.



                                   The previous day(from Ravzy’s point of view)


“Uff this book itself is double the weight of mine”,Geet said while placing the big bound book in her lap for the last-minute revision to the exam.

Geet and Sameera stay in the same apartment,as they are friends since their childhood.


This shriek made Geet fall from the beanbag with a thud and let out a loud cry  as she hurt her back,“AAAHHH”,In the process of falling,her big fatty bound book flew backwards.

“OOOUUUCCCHHH”,Geet looked at the direction of this voice which was double the intensity of hers,only to find Vicky at the entrance of their apartment,who had come to pick up Geet for college.


The book ,which had a sudden take off from Geet’s hand had landed safely on Vicky’s head ,breaking his skull bones and Geet’s eardrums with his screech at the same time.



Another scream made them look at another direction.


Geet and Vicky rushed to the source of the voice,with Geet rubbing her back and Vicky the bump on his head.


They saw Sameera  crying out loud,hiding her face inside the pillow.

Geet rushed to her side,placing her hands on Sameera, shoulder asked,“Samy,why are u crying?What happened?”

To which Sameera replied still hiding inside the pillow,“Geet,I want to diee haaannn ,and continued her wailing.


“Very good decision Samy,indeed the best.Do you want any help or can you handle it on your own?”,Vicky said and joined his hands and looked up and said,“Thank you very very very much Godji,for instilling this great idea into this stupid girl’s good-for-nothing brain “which increased the intensity of Sameera’s wails.

Geet slapped hard on his elbow to shut him up.


She placed a hand on Sameera’s hair brushing it asked,“Samy What happened?Don’t you share it even with me?”

“Geet first send this idiot away from this room”Sameera requested.

Geet gave Vicky ,who is still standing there thanking God with silent prayers, a ‘didn’t-you-hear?’ look.

Vicky shook his head with a grin.

Geet glared at him , which he made him to flee from there.

“Samy,he went now say”

Sameera slowly came out of her hiding place,i.e.,lifted her head from the pillow to show Geet.

Geet gasped looked at Sameera’s face,which is covered with rashes.

“Samy what is this?”Geet whispered in shock.

Sameera told in between her sobs,“Geet you know naa today I’ve planned to attend Swayamvar and see my face ….”and continued her crying.


Geet patted her shoulder and said,“Samy don’t cry,nothing will happen.Come lets immediately go to the dermatologist.”

“No Geet ,Swyamvar?”

Geet frowned,“To hell with your Swayamvar,first come lets consult the doctor”

“NOOO Geet how can you talk like this?You know na ,that I love MSK sooo much I’m his determind,devoted,die-hard,dyed-in-the-wool,dedicated,explicit,extreme,faithful,intransigent,obstinate,resolute,staunch.stead-fast,stubborn,uncompromising,unwavering and loyal fan (Ravzy: remember this dialogue guys? Wink )

I can’t miss the Swayamvar.I don’t care even if I’m not selected,at least I want him to glance at me t least one.”


Geet felt really sorry for this poor girl.

She softened a bit,“OK then first go to the swayamvar and then we’ll go to the clinic.”

“Noo that isn’t possible”,Sameera sobbed“How can I show my face to them?They’ll definitely reject me”

“What are you talking Samy?See a bond like marriage is not based on the external beauty,all that counts and makes marriages work is the inner thing and I know you are the best.See,believe me you’ll definitely get selected.”

“No Geet they  clearly mentioned in the advertisement that they need ‘beautiful girls’ ,I’m sure that even the watchman will reject me before the first round itself.”and continued her wailing.

“Thank God,MSK is saved”

Vicky who had been eavesdropping, couldn’t control his laughter any more and burst out saying this.

Because he is the bearer of all the pain of taking Sameera to parlors ,picking her up in return,carrying her bags while she’s shopping for different beauty accessories and even paying for them.


He very soon received a super angry glare and a blow from pillow from Geet,which made him shut up instantly.


Geet,finding no way to console Sameera finally suggested,“Samy,let’s do onething lets call them or send anyone to them and say that you’ll be coming tomorrow due to some health issues and we’ll let you cured by tomorrow.”


“No Geet that doesn’t work as they are punctual hates delays….”but soon her eyes twinkled and she jumped in excitement and kissed Geet on cheek.

“Geeetuuu”she shouted with joy.

Geet saw her bewilderment and scared as she knows that whenever Sameera addresses her as ‘Geetu’,it will be followed by some grave-for-Geet-soon incidents.


“Sa..Samy??”Geet asked shivering.


“Geetu,You are the best you know?” to which Geet gave a smile which clearly indicated ‘I’m dead for sure ‘.

“Geetu,You are my friend na?Please please please do me a favor.Go on behalf of me to Khurana Mansion and attend the Swayamvar.Please”,Sameera requested with sweeter-than-honey voice and the most innocent of faces.

“WHAAATTT?”was Geet’s instant reaction.

“Yes Geetu please for your Samy

“Wh..what and how will I handle them?”,Geet asked ,still in dazed state.

“Don’t worry Geetu,You’ll of course go as Geet Handa and in the first round itself say to them that you are representing me due to some medical issues ,I’ll anyways give you my photos,the cookery class certificates,which I’d joined to attend Swayamvar ,etc papers.Anyways it will not at all be a problem to you as you are very intelligent and a topper in your classes.Can’t you even manage this Geet being a Management student?”she explained nonchalantly.


The words classes and management brought Geet back to senses and asked,“Bu…but what about my exam?”

“Don’t worry Geetu,Vicky is there na?”

“NOOO”they heard Vicky’s voice from the back of the door.

This time neither of them bothered his eavesdropping ,moreover relieved that they don’t need to repeat all the plan.


He strode in and was about to shout on them,when Geet who was fully fed-up with Sameera’s wailings,decided and stopped him by raising her palm,”Vicky,I want to go and attend the swayamvar.Please.”


Vicky quickly understood her feelings.

Geet has to financially rely on Sameera and Vicky.As he very well knows Sameera’s nature, her next sentence,better to say powerful weapon would be,“Can’t you do this much for me,as you are nothing without my support.”,worsening their friendship,which had already happened once in past.

That time there was a not less than a third world war,between Sammera and Vicky about Geet.

From then on,Geet used to silently obey Sameera.

“Samy,why Geet ?I’ll go and represent you”,Vicky honestly offered as he doesn’t want Geet to miss her exam as she is the topper.

“No Vicky,as I know about them very well,they don’t even allow men inside .So,Geet has to go”it seemed as an order instead of a statement.

“Samy,I hardly know this MSK,then how will I answer if anyone asks…”

Sameera interrupted her and said,“Geetu,here you take this,”she kept a file in Geet’s hands and said,“see,all the information about MSK is there and here is the speech I’d prepared to answer to them if they ask so,you read this and answer”,she said with a huge grin as she very well knows that once Geet accepts or steps into one thing,she never leaves it until she succeeds .

“OK”Geet said,glancing the paper.


“Geetu hurry up there is no time “,Sameera made Vicky and Geet leave from there.


Geet and Vicky are in same class so Vicky usually comes to pick her up daily,while Sameera is an aspiring model,and striving Mrs.MSK.

They reached Vicky’s car,and Geet sat first glancing her paper.

“MSK is the most virile…”

What is meant by this virile?

She immediately searched in her mobile’s dictionary , as she knows that she immediately forgets unnecessary,unimportant things soon.


Aaa…aah yes virile – Having or showing masculine spirit, strength, vigor, or power.

This Sameera also naa,huh can’t she use simple words?

Vicky started the engine ,when heard the shouts from the adjacent house ,”you are insane”, said a female voice.

“You are an evil”,shouted a male.

Vicky and Geet looked at each other and laughed,as it is a routine for them to hear this wife and husband fights.They started.

She started by hearting the paper.

Vicky nudged her and showed her to a boy,wearing a T-shirt with a funny print-“I’m interested in men and I’m a men-ravisher”

These two friends again started laughing.Geet resumed her paper-reading.

They were heading in their usual direction as KM is on the way to their college,but the road got blocked  due to the protests.

Geet looked at the people who sat across the road with banners,“Make this country a place,where girls will be safe”.


They had to take the other way,which is very long .

They had to stop at the signal.Then Geet listened to the news,getting telecasted through the T.V. from the nearby grocery.

“He was accused of snatching the fields from the poor and innocent with his rowdiness.”

Geet sighed,“What a beast!”

They again got started.

Geet’s eyes fell on a poster of a film which had two males.

She nudged Vicky and showed him that.

“Aah that?

See ,That movie is all about love,how it started for that man and how he expressed and finally how they became one.”

“Ooh how sweet,who is the heroine?”Geet asked getting curious .

“The other one on the poster.”

“What?You said it is a love story and the other one there is a man ….”

He interrupted her,”yes,it is a love story about how the two men fell in love.It is a Gay love story.”

“What Gay??”Geet asked with big eyes.

“Yes ,aah Geet first concentrate on that paper we are nearing.” He said while they’re getting near to KM.

Reaching the final line,Geet said it loud in order to remember,“He is great”

“What Gay is great?”asked Vicky as he didn’t know what she is talking about.

Geet laughed and said,“May be,but I said that MSK is great.” (Ravzy: no offense)

“Ooh”finally Vicky got what she meant,looking at the paper.

“OK,now Geet finally we’d reached”,stopping near the KM gate.

Geet got down as well as Vicky.

She gave him a nervous smile.

He cheered her up and said,“You’ll definitely rock Geet.But make that quick .I don’t know how to manage that Don. “imagining their Dean.

Geet laughed and said,” Can’t you even manage this Vicky being a Management student?”,mimicking Sameera and rushed inside.

She met ‘her very good Whatty Watt’ there only,whom she didn’t even forget from that second.


                                     Flash back ends

Maan is fuming with anger.

No one had dared to cheat him.

But Maan thought,‘Did she cheat you?She played fair at the swayamvar.It is you  who assumed something.’

‘NOOO’ MSK shouted,‘She did cheat you by claiming herself to be your biggest fan,which raised feelings inside you.She is the one who made THE MSK,I repeat THE MSK,do the things he never did,

You peeped,you eavesdropped,you didn’t even sleep properly.

You didn’t get smitten by her beauty as MSK is not such type.

But it is her words that affected you.Don’t spare her.’

He tightly clenched the glass which the servant kept with juice.

His grip was so hard that it broke into pieces,scaring away the frightened soul of Sameera ,making her run away from there,but not before hearing Maan’s order of,“Send Geet here tomorrow”

He looked at the shattered pieces of glass,which mirrored his shattered feelings,his shattered heart.

“Miss Geet Handa,you played with my,MSK’s feelings.Now you’ll come to know how messing up with MSK will change your life.For the first time in my life I felt something for someone,for the first time I got betrayed.For the first time some one dared to do so for MSK.For the first time,MSK ,who is a terror for his rivals but never does any harm to women,is on full revenge mood on a college girl.Miss Geet Handa,I’m waiting for you.  “



            “Yes,Mr.What singh Whurana”

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