Geet is in the foulest of her moods, as there was nothing less than a third-world war, the previous night in her apartment.

Sameera who got disheartened better to say, scared, by Maan’s behaviour, blamed Geet for that.

Vicky tried to control the situation but all his efforts went in drain when Sammera pounced on Geet saying,”Geet, don’t forget that you are today in this state only and ONLY because of me and my money, you owe me all your life, but what did you do in return, you lured Maan, My Maan ,spoke ill of me in front of him and shattered all my dreams,you are such a cheater I’ve ever seen”,worsening the condition and making Vicky lose his temper.

Geet had to plead,better to say, beg, both of them to stop.

Sameera also knew the fact that Geet was applying for different jobs, as she hates to rely on Sameera for everything.

Geet was literally in tears the previous night.

Finally Sameera told or in better sense ordered,”Go,Go and meet Maan Singh Khurana tomorrow and rectify your mistake to save our friendship otherwise….”,and left from there leaving the sentence incomplete.

So Geet HAD to meet MSK.

Maan on other hand had another sleepless night.He also thought of consulting a psychiatrist as he himself was unable to name his feelings.

Yes,he was eagerly waiting for the sun to rise ,but why?

Yes,he was looking forward to meet her,but why?

Was it because he had to teach her a lesson for messing up with him or was it because he wanted to see her angelic face,listen to her sweet voice one more time?

He was unable to contemplate his feelings.

He is impatiently waiting for her in his garden, standing under a tree.

He inquired about her arrival for the umpteenth time, through his men,whom he had placed at her house;and got only one answer everytime that she had started a long while ago.

Maan is totally worried about her,”Is she fine? Why is she taking so much time to come? It hardly takes ten minutes from her place to here.But it’s been twenty minutes since she had started from her place.Did anything happen to her?Oh no ,why am I thinking like this?Nothing will and should happen to her.”

Again ,in the next second after going into MSK mode,”Aah ,why am I concerned about her?She is the one who had cheated me,so I shouldn’t think of her .But anyways ,for me to take revenge I have to make sure she is safe,right?If she is not fit and fine my revenge doesn’t show its impact much on her”saying so,he again called his men who he had sent to know about her whereabouts.

Adding fuel to the fire,worsening her mood even more, Geet got stuck in the traffic . As Vicky,who was angry on Sameera,denied to come to her place,Geet had to take an auto-rickshaw, and that driver was humming songs all the way ,making Geet literally banging her head and coming to an opinion that living in jail after murdering this driver will be so peaceful than bearing this torture.

At last,she came to KM.

She is in her thoughts while being guided by servants to the garden, cursing each and every one she had met in her life from her birth.

For example,Sameera for blaming her and MSK for making Sameera to blame her; Vicky for not turning up and MSK,being reason for that; Rickshaw driver for eating her brain and MSK for making her be in that place;Dadi for selecting her in the first place in Swayamvar and MSK for being the main reason for Swayamvar,and whatnot but everyone and MSK.

Maan who is impatiently waiting for her, saw in the direction of her arrival unintentionally and couldn’t divert his gaze. He unfolded his hands, which till now was folding near his chest, leaning to the tree. He walked a few steps forward, without diverting his gaze from her. His mind got dazed. Her pink shirt, her knee-length jeans, her hair which is tied up in pony, dancing along with her hands, which are busy in dramatically cursing everyone. Her cute pink lips busy in bestowing curses, and her little nose which turned to the colour of her lips, with anger.

Her eyes unintentionally met with his. She stood there for few seconds.

Her anger, her curses, her bad temper everything got vanished seeing her Whatty Watt standing there in black and black suit, looking not less than like a Greek God.

She immediately rushed towards him with a HUGE grin adorning her lips.

She on reaching him is panting badly due to her rush, but didn’t divert her gaze from him.

His condition is indescribable, on seeing HIS Geet in front of his eyes , whom he had been longing to see from two days.

If any third person be present there at the moment, he definitely confirms to himself that these two are the pair of love birds, met after a loooong gap.

“ ..What, how are you..?”she asked cutely.

“….Geet…”, he could only whisper this much because of his dazed mind.

She jumped out of joy holding his hand, with her pony jumping rhythmically, “You do remember me?”

He saw her hand on his, feeling her soft touch told, “How can I forget you?”

She stopped jumping and looked at him admiringly.

Then Geet thought, “What is ‘What’ doing here?” which made her think, “What am I doing here?” and then she remembered the whole incident and of course MSK.

Her cheeks turned red and even her nose, her lips got tightened with anger and she left his hand.

He is so immersed in her beauty that he neither observed the sudden changes in her face nor her leaving his hand.

“Is that idiot here?” she asked him in a very angry but in trance.

He, who is also lost in her couldn’t understand what she has asked and, “What?”

She looked at him and asked, “Is that idiot MSK home?”

“WHHHHAAATTTT”,is apparently his reaction.

She again went as if in trance, “You know? He is the most stupid and most idiotic person I’ve ever seen.”

“WHAT and WHAT”, his head is spinning.

Isn’t that the same mouth which stated that he was the most handsome and most virile person she had ever seen, two days back?

She again asked, “Is that idiot MSK home?”

“WHAAATTTT?”, his dazed and stupefied brain couldn’t form another word.

She stared at him and,”Aah What, I know you are What but I’m asking about MSK,the rogue”, she gritted her teeth saying the last words.

“Ooh I mean “he is about to say something when his mind registered the word ROGUE and,”WHHAATTT?”

“Ooh ,my dear What, you are not mean but that MSK is “


She sighed, “Don’t be so obsessed with your name What.”

“WHA…”he literally closed his mouth with his hands.

“Now tell me where that idiot is?”

“I’m that Idiot”,he said in trance.





WHAAATTT? Did he himself called him an IDIOT????

He mentally smacked his head. This girl had driven him crazy.

“What Mr.What?What are you telling? “She is so shocked to even think.

“That only Miss, that I’m an idio…I mean I’m Maan, ‘THE’ Maan Singh Khurana.”, he somehow managed to retain his MSKish mode.

Is her Goody Whatty Watt is the Bloody Meany Maan?

She mumbled, “No, It can’t be “ and took a few steps back with shock.

He thought that she will ask sorry or will be in tears.

But she turned away and took few steps .All the incidents from the previous night crossed her mind.

He took pity for her. Poor thing what is her mistake in all that had happened? She did everything only for friendship, right?

He opened his mouth to call her, “Gee….”But before he could complete that,”Oooouuuchhhhh”

Geet, when remembered the previous night’s incidents turned back came running towards him and pushed him with great force that he hit his back to the tree.



“How dare you? “He gritted his teeth, rubbing his hurt back.

“How dare me?huh?How dare you,idiot?Thinking yourself to be the emperor of the world or what ?You good-for-nothing rascal”

“Excuse me, Miss?”

Wait ,Did  he asked for excuse ?This girl did something to him.

“I won’t excuse Mister”


“Yes,Mr.What Singh Whurana”

“Oh hello, you are the one who came with a false identity, on behalf of your friend and attended the Swayamvar and won, moreover you are pouncing on me”


“What so? Didn’t you cheat?”

With the word ‘cheat’,Geet recalled the things Samy blamed her.Samy called her a cheater. Her eyes became watery and she choked up, “I’m not a cheater,I told in the first round itself.”

He felt a pang in his heart to see her like that he came closer to her,” I didn’t mean that Geet,I’m sor….”

She immediately composed herself and pushed him again.

That’s it.Maan became MSK.

“Listen Miss….”

“You are neither any pop-singer nor your voice is so damn good that I’ve to listen to you”,she became emotional again and murmured ,”Moreover ,I’ve listened so much I’ve never dreamt in the worst of my nightmares because of that Samy. If ,I get a job, I needn’t rely on her anymore. What does she think of herself” and wiped the tears forming in her eyes.

Maan again felt pity for her he put his hand on her shoulder to console her but she after composing herself again, pushed away his hand.

“What do you think of yourself? You ruined everything my friendship, my peace everything.”

“Miss Honda…”

She interrupted him shouting,”HANDAAA”

“Aaa Handa or Honda, whatever how dare you blame me, Maan Singh Khurana?”

“Me, Maan Singh Khurana, President of America, huh”,she mimicked him.


“SHUTTT UUUPPPP,Firstly you disturbed my peace ,now you are wasting my time ,I’m not so free types like you Mister ,I’ve classes and its very bad to meet you and I pray I don’t meet you again in my life”, with this she rushed back checking the time.

“As if I wish to see you again”, he mumbled but he himself is not sure of that.

Two days since she met Maan,she tried to forgot her Whatty What who turned out to be Meany Maan,and got succeeded bit, but things are not back to normal,Samy didn’t utter a word ,Vicky ,though coming to pick up Geet,is not talking to Samy.

For her, holidays started from that day itself

Geet received a letter.

She opened it and found it to be the call letter for her to the post of a temporary secretary to MD of some construction company.

There is a big K on the letter.

Geet didn’t remember applying to any company’s secretary post and that to with the name K.

She assumed that due to all the recent disturbances she forgot that she had applied, as she had asked Vicky immediately whether he had applied to that on her behalf, only getting a negative answer.

“So tomorrow is the interview, God please help me”.

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