Geet is really really nervous.

Though she was somewhat confident in the morning of getting selected, all her confidence got vanished with the passing time.

As usual, Samy didn’t utter a word. As Vicky was out of station,Geet had to take a rickshaw to the company.

She told the driver to drop her at the address printed on the envelope, as she doesn’t know the place. But he asked her the exact location though she had told him the name of the road the company is situated.

After getting irritated,Geet had kept the letter in his hand only to get a biggest shock.

“Can’t you simply tell that you have to go to KC?”

That’s it, the little confidence inside Geet got vanished. Every one there knows about that company, even the rickshaw driver, but not she. Then how can she get selected?

The driver dro

pped her at the entrance of that company. She paid the fare and turned only to face magnificent building standing in front of her. She first doubted whether it was the company or some King’s palace.

After seeing a big K‘ like that on her letter, on the top of the building, she confirmed that this was the company and she took slow steps inside.


Now she is inside the KC,awed by its elegance. Its nothing less to a palace.

A girl came forward and checked Geet, who is in a formal looking full sleeved churidar,from top to bottom and snapped her fingers in front of Geet’s face ,who is immersed in the beauty of the place.

“Ooh Hello Behanji,what are you doing here? “The girl asked Geet making faces.

Geet looked at the scantily dressed girl and,“I..I came here for the interview”,the words got somehow escaped from her mouth as she is really very nervous.

“Interview? For? “The girl made the most awkward of her faces.

“The post of secretary to MD.”

“MD?hahaha,Are you sure? You and for secretary? And that too for MK?”But Geet is in no mood to fight back.


“MK?”Geet asked.

“That’s our MD”another girl answered her who just came there.

“Ooh OK” Geet is no mood to mind whether the MD is MK or RK or SRK.

“Hi I’m Pinky,the receptionist and this is Sasha, Asst to the project-in charge . “The second girl introduced to Geet.

“I’m Geet”

“Geet or whosoever you may be, you came to a wrong place as MK is already having a secretary and just confirm the name of the building before entering it ,its KC ,you know THE KC”and Sasha left showing Geet a disgusting face.


“Never mind her Geet,but she is right,are you sure…”

Geet interrupted her and showed her the call letter.

“Yes, this is sent by our company only, but how is it possible?MK is having a secretary alrea…”

Before she can continue, they all heard a loud wail and saw a girl rushing out of a cabin with a paper in her hand.

Her face became full red with her crying.

Pinky and Geet rushed to her cabin.

Pinky asked that girl,“Tara what happened”

Tara replied in between her sobs,“Pinkyyy…aaahaaa…I’m fired…”and wailed even more, packing her things.

Pinky got shocked and asked,“Bu..but why?”

“I…I… (Sob)…I typed Master instead of Mister… (Sob) in one of the letters..but…but Pinky I..I… had checked that keenly before taking that to MK, know of his…temper…aaahhhaaa…but..I don’t know how …”


Geet eyes got widened with shock, she is fired only and ONLY for this?

But what will he do to her if he will be in the place of her Dean,for whom once Geet addressed as Monster instead of Mister in her letter to him.

She’s sure that MK will fire her, but with a gun this time.

A lump formed in Geet’s throat.


Tara left that place with her belongings.

“Wh…who.. is she?”

“MK’s secretary”

Isn’t that it?Only one thing is left,that is Geet is to be officially declared dead as she is unofficially dead now. She wanted to run from there.

It’s better to bear Samy ,instead of staying here and digging a grave for herself.

She is not confident of getting selected and she doesn’t want to also, but before that she is not even willing to face that MK.

She had decided that her life is more important to her than money.

When she is about to step out of Tara’s cabin-err..Tara’s ex-cabin,Pinky came and told Geet ,“Geet,I’ve informed MK about you and he told you to come inside. It’s the next cabin of this only. Don’t worry ,all the best.”Pinky gave her the grave news and an assuring smile.


“Ar..are you sure I’ll come back alive..”an unintentional question escaped from her mouth.

“Geet don’t worry he is not that bad, I’m sure you’ll get selected.”

Geet’s heart made her ribcage as a punching bag and started practicing boxing with so much concentration and force while Geet made her way to Monster’s den..err..MD’s cabin.

“May my soul rest in peace “she wished opening the door.

“Ma..may I get in Si..sir?”She didn’t dare to look at him.

He who is immersed in file was startled on hearing her voice here.

“How can that be possible,uff my mind got so much disturbed that I began hallucinating her presence here also “and noticed that some girl is standing there and told, “Yes, take your seat.”

“What? Isn’t it his voice? No it can’t be .How can he be here? Due to this tension, my head is spinning and I’m thinking the impossible.”  

She slowly sat without looking at him.

She forwarded her file to him and slowly lifted her eyes.

He on seeing the file, took it and lifted his eyes to look at her.

Both their eyes met at the same time and both got shocked to see each other.

After few seconds they both stood from their respective places and,“YYOOUU?”

It was so loud that the staff had to close their ears even the ones in the ground floor too.

“You what are you doing here?”

“Excuse me, mister first of all tell me what you are doing here?”

“WHHAATT?You are questioning me what am I doing in my own office?”

“Your own office?”Geet got confused.

“Yes,my own office,Maan Singh Khurana ,MD of Khurana Constructions and this is my office,which everyone in this planet knows except you and your dumb brain.”

Then it struck to her the big “K” indicates-Khuranas

She stood up to leave, knowing that he is the MD, she’s sure that she’ll not get the job.

“Hello Miss Honda, Where are you going? And first of all why are you here?”

“I came here as I received the call letter for the interview, and going because you are anyways not going to select me.”


“It’s not your wish Miss Honda…”


“Aah whatever, it’s not your wish to enter and leave when the place belongs to MSK especially .You came here because you’d received a call letter and will leave when you are told to do so.”

Saying this he opened her file only to get amazed by her performances.

She on the other hand is very confident on being thrown out, so she stood there carelessly humming songs, folding her hands.

“Sasha, come to my cabin. “He told sternly to Sasha on phone.

Geet then remembered Sasha and her behaviour towards her.“Haa only this is left in life, getting thrown out by that nudey.”

Sasha came in and said sweetly,“Yes,MK” and gave a very disgusting look to Geet,who at this time reciprocated the same with more intensity to Sasha.

“I know MK,you want me to show her the way out ,I don’t know who let her in.”

Hmm..won’t it pinch Maan’s heart?

“Miss Sasha,I want you to show her the way to HER cabin and let her know the details of her job, and introduce her to everyone. And first let me introduce her to you, she is Miss Geet Handa,my secretary.”(Ravzy:Handa?Haaa?How come now?Wink)

Sasha as well as Geet got bewildered with this.

“You may leave Sasha,I want to have a word with Geet.”

Sasha left disheartened.

“Knock..knock..anyone home? Or vacated long back?”

“Are you really Mean Singh Khurana?”She asked in trance.


“I mean…you…me…job…how…why…what…where…when…which…who…?”

“Hello, hello my Honda city car, reduce the speed and stop recalling the  questioning words you’d learnt at school. See Geet,I thought you’re suitable for the post and moreover Maan Singh Khurana never involves personal grudges at work.”

Her mouth formed a round cave on hearing this.

Wow, she can again see her Whatty What in him.

She immediately went near him and took his hand in her both hands and jumped saying,“You know what,What?You are sometimes so so sooo good.”

Haaah,he again got lost in her ,for the first time of her arrival here, he observed her from top to bottom .

She is entirely different from what he had seen on those two meetings.

She is dressed in a so formal way yet simple and elegant.

Her touch and her excitement, everything, he again fell for her.

Their little moment was disturbed by a knock on the door which brought these two into their selves.

She left his hand mumbling a sorry, and both diverted the gaze from each other getting embarrassed.

“Come in”,Maan ordered the one who had knocked.

Adi came in,“He he he he, sorry sir, Came to talk about files of the Chopra’s project.”

“Ok,mm Adi she is Geet ,my new secretary and Geet he is Adi our company’s Chief project incharge.”

Geet and Adi greeted each other, though Adi got shocked because Maan himself is introducing his secretary for the first time, which he never did even for introducing his one clients to the other.

“Geet, meet Sasha and if there is any doubt consult me”, which came as another blow to Adi as Maan never told anyone to consult him in case of doubts.

Geet nodded and went away.

All the while ,when Adi is discussing about the project Maan had his eyes on Geet who in his adjacent cabin, pacing observing each and every object like a kid, sometimes jumping, sometimes standing on the desk , sometimes frowning and a smile got plastered on his lips observing her antics.

Adi’s head spun as he is observing Maan smiling for the first time.

Maan unintentionally looked at Adi,who stopped discussing about the project and observing Maan’s never-in-the-century-smile.

Adi immediately smiled. “He he he he Sir “thinking Maan got impressed with his project details.

Maan glared at Adi,which made Adi shut up instantly.


When Adi is about to go,“Adi,who sent her the call letter?”

“Si…sir…he he he..I don’t know sir he he he”

“Then who else does know?Your ghost?”

“He he he he…”

“Shut up Adi”Maan glared him.

” …”

“Either you or I, have the right to select candidates for interviews and that to for my secretary’s post. I didn’t send then it should be you.Didn’t you send?”

“He he he…N..No..Sir…?”

“Shut up Adi…”

“He he he …Anything else Si..Sir?”


“Wh..What sir?”

“Get out”

“He..he..he…Su..sure sir”

Maan glared at Adi who immediately fled from there.




Adi’s brain is nowhere in peace.

“Who sent her the letter?

That too with Maan Sir’s signature?

That too before the secretary of Maan Sir getting fired?

And as if all got planned well in advance,Sir’s secretary got fired at the same time Geet arrived the office.

No one else has the right to select secretary for Maan Sir except me and Mann Sir himself.

If any one does also,they have to dare to get Maan Sir’s signature on that letter.

There is no chance of fraud in KC as even insect cannot enter or leave KC,without Maan Sir’s permission,then rivals are out of question.

It can’t even be Dadima as she stopped involving herself in office matters since Maan sir had undertook the responsibilities.

It cannot even be Maan Sir as he is never negligent regarding office,even to think that he might sent the letter and forgot about that.

Then who??


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