The night Geet joined in office, time: 9 P.M. somewhere in the city,


A man is literally in a very very bad, better to say in the worst of his moods.

The day’s events were really infuriating for him.

He hadn’t even taken his meals properly.

He is literally banging his head,“Who has done it??”

The same question which had been playing tennis with his head from morning.

And the man is …none other than…Adi.

The question is, “Who has sent Geet that letter?”


He even had asked Dadi just to confirm though he knows the answer very well that Dadi had stopped involving herself in office matters.

And the answer from her is a clear no.

Adi knows that she never lies to HIM, though she lies to Maan and she trusts him more that she had given the whole responsibility of Swayamvar to him.She always discusses her plans with Adi as he is the one who will be accompanying Maan most of the times and knows about him little too well.


“Who…Who is that??”


At the same time, in another part of the city,


“Uff…finally”,she sighed throwing her hand bag on the couch and dumping herself beside it.


Geet had a very tough time in the office this day.


Though she knows at least the a,b,c of a secretary job,Maan showed her hell today.


He didn’t let her sit in her cabin even for a second.

He calls her now and then to bring this file and that file.


(From Ravzy’s point of view)


Though there is no need of any file, his eyes wanted to see her once more, his ears wanted to hear her once more, his heart wanted to feel her presence once more.


He couldn’t bear the distance between the two cabins though through the glass partition, she is visible.


He wanted to be close to her.


Though she cursed him a bit louder with the passing time, he enjoyed that. He enjoyed her cute complaining to her Babaji looking up, her irritated face which is irresistibly cute.Everything, everything is a bliss to him.


Maan told,“See you cannot stay without her,you cannot stay even a second without seeing her, you are not letting her go inside her cabin though she has got no work in your cabin and moreover the works and tasks you are giving her are of no use and just a pretext to make her stay in front of your eyes.”

MSK grunted,“NO, I’m THE Maan Singh Khurana and I’m taking revenge on her by irritating her”

Maan gave up in exasperation,“Huh,, idiot”


When it is the time for her to leave ,he who couldn’t bear the small separation ,told her sternly, “Miss Honda…”

“Handa” she corrected politely, in other words, tried to fight.

“Yeah ,whatever  , see you are the Secretary of the MD of The KC…”

“Temporary “she added .

If she had looked keenly into his face, she might have got the glimpse of sadness in his face on hearing that word as she will be with him only for a few days.


He composed himself and told,“Even though tem…temporary ,this company has certain standards and we want every employee to reach to that standard.And you need light brushing up of your skills and I want you to be present here tomorrow two hours before the office time and I,myself will be training you.”

Her lower jaw literally touched the floor, MD himself and that too of the KC training a secretary and that too a temporary one.

Seeing her condition he chuckled inwardly,’she’s sooo cute’

And said,“Don’t think too much about me training you,I don’t want my head to be hung down in front of anyone because of you.And I think its time for you to leave.”

Saying so he left from there.


Geet couldn’t get a cabin for so much of time and finally she got one after a long time and reached home at this time.

Unknown to her, Maan waited there in the lonely road till she got a cab , making sure she couldn’t see him, and followed her till her home and left only after making sure that she had reached home safely.

He immediately called a cab service and ordered them to stay near her home in the mornings and at his office in the nights to pick her up safely and also threatened them that if anything happens to her… the rest is understood for those people though he had left the sentence incomplete.

MSK told, “See I’ve to make sure that my enemy is safe, otherwise how can I take revenge on her?”

MSK called,“Maan, Maaannn”

Maan told,“Why are you shouting ?I’m not deaf”

MSK,“Then why are you not replying?I told that I’ve…”

Maan,“Did I ask you?” rather irritatingly.

MSK,“But I’ve to clarify you before you jump into wrong assumptions”

Maan angrily,“Me and wrong assumptions, you idiot, ok then I’m anyways not going to talk with you because talking with you is really waste of time.”

MSK sternly,“Thanks”

Maan,“See anyways I’m going to win”

MSK,“Challenging me ?You know I’m The Maan Singh Khurana”

Maan,“Then I’m Maan”

And the call got disconnected temporarily.



3 AM in the morning, another place in the city ,the same night but the date has changed.


She entered his room rather angrily and started to wake him up who has been sleeping peacefully and not ready to wake up even when the Miss Universe herself comes down to her knees and proposes him.

He already decided that if in that situation he will tell her, “Sweetheart, come tomorrow morning ,I’m busy now”and then will drift back to sleep.

Seeing him not waking up after half-an hour of trying,she kicked him so hard from the bed that he rolled down with a thud.

He just opened his drooping eyes ,saw her and closed them again sleeping on the floor now sang in his sleepy voice,

“Dekh rahiii hai naa tu, soo rahaa hun main,dekh rahii hai naa tuuu abb soo rahaaa hun mainnn “

Getting no response from her ,he got up only to find her teary face and her luggage in her hands.



Geet when entered her flat which she shares with Sameera and sat on the couch sot shocked to see the flat in whole mess.

She went near Sameera who was in the balcony and when Geet place her hand on Sameera’s shoulder,“Samy..” Sameera slapped Geet with all the force she can ,“You B**ch”


Sameera accused Geet of alluring Maan, breaking her marriage ,her dream and she also told that she had a doubt on Geet and now it was confirmed after knowing that Geet got job in Maan’s office.


Sameera threw out Geet’s belongings out of the house and closed the door on her face.


All Thanks to Maan’s threatens ,the cab driver along with cab came in front of the flat the next second of Maan’s call, fearing Maan’s anger.


So Geet got the cab with no pain and landed in Vicky’s home.


Vicky had many times told her to shift to his mansion but she didn’t listen thinking of the society which blames a man and woman’s staying in a house even though they are friends.


Geet didn’t explain the whole story to Vicky as she can very well anticipate his next moves.

She simply told him that she didn’t feel like staying there anymore and came over to his place.

He too didn’t ask much seeing her condition, but sensing something is wrong he thought of dealing it the next day.





Maan is in really a very bad mood. Morning he had a heated argument with Dadi about his marriage and Sameera.


He didn’t even like the name of Sameera, but Dadi had brought the topic of marrying her ,that too in the morning.


He remembered his meeting with Geet and rushed to KC, as he is half an hour late .


While passing through her cabin ,he noticed that she is sleeping in sitting position.



Geet hardly had slept the previous night.

She,while waiting for Maan drifted into sleep.


He came near her and called her name twice,“Geet..Geet..”


He ,while coming closer to her accidentally dropped a flower-vase on the floor,whose sound startled Geet and she woke up with a start ,and said with out noticing where she is at present and who is present in front of her , in a dazed state,

“Maan Singh Khurana  is the most vicious , insane and evil person.He was interested in men from his childhood and he became a men-ravisher’ at a very young age.

Many feared that girls will be safe.But he has proved them wrong.

He started snatching the fields from the poor and innocent with his rowdiness, once he undertook business.

He is the beast and he is gay.”




That’s it for now …

No precap sorryLOLWink


ShockedOuchConfusedOops…What went wrong??(From Ravzy’s point of view)

Guys,I’m here colour-coding the words that got replaced please note this,if you are having any trouble in understanding,Please notify me,I’ll try to modify in an understandable manner.

From Part 2

“‘.he is the most virile industrialist and elegant person.He was interested in business from his childhood and he became a ‘king-maker’ at a very young age.

Many feared that he will fail.But he has proved them wrong.

He started topping in all fields,once he undertook business.

He is the best and he is great.”



From Part 3

They reached Vicky’s car,and Geet sat first glancing her paper.

MSK is the most virile

What is meant by this virile?

She immediately searched in her mobile’s dictionary , as she knows thatshe immediately forgets unnecessary,unimportant things soon.


Aaa yes virile – Having or showing masculine spirit, strength, vigor, or power.

This Sameera also naa,huh can’t she use simple words?

Vicky started the engine ,when heard the shouts from the adjacent house ,”you are insane“, said a female voice.

“You are an evil,shouted a male.

Vicky and Geet looked at each other and laughed,as it is a routine for them to hear this wife and husband fights.They started.

She started by hearting the paper.

Vicky nudged her and showed her to a boy,wearing a T-shirt with a funny print-“I’m interested in men and I’m a men-ravisher”

These two friends again started laughing.Geet resumed her paper-reading.

They were heading in their usual direction as KM is on the way to their college,but the road got blocked  due to the protests.

Geet looked at the people who sat across the road with banners,”Make this country a place,wheregirls will be safe”.


They had to take the other way,which is very long .

They had to stop at the signal.Then Geet listened to the news,getting telecasted through the T.V. from the nearby grocery.

“He was accused of snatching the fields from the poor and innocent with his rowdiness.”

Geet sighed,“What a beast!”

They again got started.

Geet’s eyes fell on a poster of a film which had two males.

She nudged Vicky and showed him that.

“Aah that?

See ,That movie is all about love,how it started for that man and how he expressed and finally how they became one.”

“Ooh how sweet,who is the heroine?”Geet asked getting curious .

“The other one on the poster.”

“What?You said it is a love story and the other one there is a man .”

He interrupted her,”yes,it is a love story about how the two men fell in love.It is a Gay love story.”

“What Gay??”Geet asked with big eyes.

“Yes ,aah Geet first concentrate on that paper we are nearing.” He said while they’re getting near to KM.

Reaching the final line,Geet said it loud in order to remember,“He is great”

“What Gay is great?”asked Vicky as he didn’t know what she is talking about.

Geet laughed and said,”May be,but I said that MSK is great.”


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