He ,while coming closer to her accidentally dropped a flower-vase on the floor,whose sound startled Geet and she woke up with a start ,and said with out noticing where she is at present and who is present in front of her , in a dazed state,


“Maan Singh Khurana  is the most vicious , insane and evil person.He was interested in men from his childhood and he became a men-ravisher’ at a very young age.

Many feared that girls will be safe.But he has proved them wrong.

He started snatching the fields from the poor and innocent with his rowdiness, once he undertook business.

He is the beast and he is gay.”


After saying she slowly opened her eyes only to meet his red ..ermmm..better to say very furious you- are -dead eyes and then when he made his hands into fists and banged them on her desk,reality dawned to her.


She immediately gasped and closed her mouth with her two hands when she actually noticed what she blurted out.

He stood straight,opened his tie threw afar took slow steps towards her without taking his furious eyes from her frightened ones .


With his each step towards her, she took her steps backwards until she stumbled and fell on her seat.


“If he he just fired his previous secretary just because she addressed someone as master instead of mister , I called him a gay ,that too in front of HIM and God knows what I blurted before that. I’m dead for sure”,she only remembered the last word she spoke as she said all that in sleepy mode.

She silently prayed ,“May my soul rest in peace”closing her eyes so tightly as to not to look into her death’s eyes.


She got only one song in mind , Ban ke titli soul udaa udaa
udaa hai kaheen door


She started thinking whether she would go to heaven or hell.Had she done enough good deeds to enter the premises of heaven?

She felt herself standing at the huge golden gates of Heaven while she felt white clouds passing through her.She tried to keep her step inside the gates.


He looked at her closed eyes ,kept his hands on her shivering shoulders and roughly pulled her to stand and pushed her to the wall.


She is about to enter inside when she felt someone’s strong grip on her shoulders and her being pushed into hell.

She opened her eyes to look what he is upto. He is still walking towards her ,now loosening his collar.


She immediately closed her eyes again anticipating that he is going to bang her head to the wall and She just waited something to bang her head or her head to touch something with force .


She saw at the form which threw her into the fearful dark pit with lava everywhere , only to find the man ,the God of Death in front of her laughing wickedly at her.

She looked closely at the God of Death, who is holding a trident in his hands.

His chocolaty brown eyes,his cute M shaped lips,everything resembles her boss except for the two horns on his head and his blood red complexion.

She muffled her laughter at the thought, this is his real form isn’t it? Does he do make-up daily to cover this up in office?’




He slowly reached her and held her both hands with his and pinned them to the wall both sides of her face.


She saw him ordering his men to punish her and she felt  strong grip on her hands  and saw that they are being tied to a stand with handcuffs.


She waited for The God of death to stab her with the trident and closed her eyes.

But instead she felt something soft pressing hard on her lips.

She also felt some hairs tickling above her lips.

Is that a leech?Did he leave it on her so that it sucks her blood ?


Feeling disgusted with the thought she slowly opened her eyes to find The God of Death in make-up, oops her boss so close to her that her eye lashes are merely touching his closed eyelids .


The where is that leech?

It then dawned to her that the leech is actually her boss’s lips and the hairs are his stubble.

WHATTT?He is kissing her?

She wriggled and tried to push him but all her efforts went down drain as his grip on her is really strong for her to push off.

After few minutes he withdrew himself from her lips and looked at her bewildered eyes.

He left her hands which fell down due to the shock and she is not in a state even to comprehend what has just happened. And looked at him in shock.

Who am I?

Who is he?

Where am I?


Seeing her like that he just couldn’t repress his smile and kept his hand on her waist and wrapped it to her back and pulled her towards him ,making her collide his chest.

He pecked her checks saying,So you are wrong Miss Honda,accuse only after getting correct proofs” and left to his cabin.

She fell with a thud in her chair still looking at the direction he left with a shock.


Here something was going wrong …

When he heard her say those words especially the last one, his little male ego got hurt.

Listening that word from the girl he had err..umm.. ——ed ,as he didn’t know what to say whether he got attracted to her or he loved her or any other feeling ,so he left it as a blank.

Now coming back to the point, listening that from the girl he had —–ed better to say he had never expected to listen from, he got angered.

He didn’t know what he was going to do and that kiss was just an outcome without he even thinking of it himself.

It was a shock for him too.

And the thing that is wrong is …he is blushing.


Yesss…THE Maan Singh Khurana is blushing on his way to his cabin.


He got settled in his cabin and looked at her ,who still did not recover from the shock through the glass partition and blushed hard.

Maan:Ahem ..ahem..


Maan:So some one is growing tomato garden in cheeks …

MSK:No ,I’m not..

Maan:Ooh hello ,I said someone not you,then why are you defending?

MSK:Aaah..what ever but I just wanted to say I wanted to prove her wrong so I kissed her but not the other way.

Maan:You can kiss anyone to prove her wrong , but is it necessary to kiss HER?

MSK:Errm..Aaah yeah no one is there in the office now right so…

Maan:You could have waited.

MSK: huh, aa by the way you were not talking to me right?

Maan:Is someone trying to divert the topic?

MSK:whatever but I want to make it clear to you Maan Singh Khurana never ever gets effected by anything.

Maan:Idiot Singh Khurana, you already got affected to her ,it is the effect of that affection.


MSK didn’t know what to retort back and kept silent, so did Maan.



This day is really a shocking day for Geet.

First that Kiss from Maan and next the sight that welcomed her after reaching Vicky’s home where she is staying at present.

Sameera came towards Geet , SMILING and took the bag from her hands and said,“Geet ,you look so tired ,come sit , uffo how much do you work?”

Geet’s lower jaw literally touched the ground.

She looked at Vicky whom she noticed now was actually sitting with his mouth open from the time Sameera came there.

Geet again looked at Sameera ,touched her forehead ,“Sa..Samy?? Are you alright?”

Is she the same being who slapped her and threw out of the house?

Sameera looked at Geet,took Geet’s hand that is on her forehead and kissed it ,then touched the place she slapped Geet.

Geet doubted that there are tears in Sameera’s eyes and her face really is looking pale.

“I’m sorry Geet ,I’m really sorry …I know even sorry is a very small word for the mistakes sins I’ve committed ..If possible forgive me ,I’m leaving this town forever for I cant live here after committing such a sin.Bye Geet ,take care”she kissed Geet’s cheek and left from there wiping her tears.


Geet feel in a thud beside Vicky on the couch ,who came back to his senses .

“Geet pinch me”

Geet as if in trance did the same.

“Ooouuuccchhh, can’t you be little gentle?”

But Geet is in no mood to fight back.

She asked Vicky,“Did you scold her or had said anything to her?”

No when I was about to inquire yesterday’s incidents to your neighbors through phone,she came in said everything that happened like how she slapped you,threw you out and how she repented later for doing so and how she decided to leave this place and decided to ask for your forgiveness.”

Geet is in real shock today.Is this a dream?





Maan couldn’t face her the whole day.He didn’t even call her once to his cabin.

He just made sure she is safe and reached home safely,but he didn’t want to face her though the whole day he was looking at her through the partition and divert his gaze if she looks at him.

It is not because he was embarrassed or afraid of feeling guilty of what he did.

It is because he didn’t want her to notice that he is blushing.


When he reached home, there stood the cab driver who dropped Geet at Vicky’s home waiting for him.

Maan got worried and asked the reason for his arrival for which the cab driver narrated him the whole night’s incidents he saw.

Maan clenched his fists and shouted, “Can’t you say this earlier?” for which that poor soul shivered and ran away.

Maan made call to someone and told them to inquire about Sameera.

After five minutes he got a call informing that Sameera had left the city permanently which they came to know from her neighbours.

“Good that she ran before itself otherwise I don’t know what I would have done to her…”


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