Somewhere in the city, in the dark night, a soul is sulking.

All that day’s incidents flashed in front of her eyes.


Main toh jiya na mara
Hai ve das main ki kara

I’m neither dead nor alive
Oh lord, what should I do?


All that day’s incidents flashed in front of her eyes.

Dil jude bina hi tut gaye hath mile bina hi chhut gaye
Ki likhe ne lekh kismet ne

Hearts broke before they could join, hands parted before they could meet
What has fate written for me?


She saw into the skies with tear filled eyes as she remembered him.

Baar baar rod akhiyan tainu jo na vekh sakiyan
Khole aaye aaj kudrat ne

Tears rain down continuously without a glimpse of you
Even nature commiserates with me

She remembered his hands on her waist wrapping and pulling her to him.

Kataan main ki ve din teri soth tere bin
Main toh jiya na mara

How do I pass the days and nights without you?
I’m neither dead nor alive

She remembered him pecking her cheeks.

Chhan se jo toote koi sapna
Jag soona soona laage, jag soona soona laage

When a dream shatters in a flash
The world seems an empty place

Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag soona soona laage, jag soona soona hai toh

When there’s no loved one left
The world seems an empty place


She gave a look to her roommate who was enjoying her condition ,which made Taasha off the FM radio immediately.

Sasha who came to office earlier that day to somehow find faults in Geet’s work and get impressed by Maan, got shocked seeing her MK pulling Geet closer and pecking her cheeks and whispering something in her ears.

All her dreams shattered seeing that.


She had a crush on Maan .(Who doesn’t ? Ravzy blushingBlushing)

She even attended the Swayamvar ,only to be rejected by Adi in the first round itself, as he knows her true nature.

She thought to somehow impress and allure Maan

And now …


She is standing in a beautiful garden, enjoying the cool wind which is making her tresses tickle her cheeks, the beauty of the flowers which do not let one’s eyes to get diverted from them,the mild sunrays that are making the dew drops glitter, the waterfall which is enhancing the beauty of the place and making it a heaven on earth.In short ,it is a total bliss.


She saw him coming on a horse and he descended it on seeing her.

He knelt down in front of her , took her hand and kissed it gently.

She blushed seeing her knight in shining armour.

He stood up and pecked her cheeks.

She is fully drowned in his chocolaty brown eyes, enjoying this new feeling.

He kisses her on lips.

Wow … she thought submitting herself.

But wait…why is she feeling that his colour is changing with time?

Why are his cheeks getting red?

Is he blushing too?

He went down further tracing his lips on her jaw line.

She held his hair ,closing her eyes in that feel.

But why is she feeling that his hairs got reduced?

He went further down to her neck.

She did not find hair on his head to hold.

Panicking, she opened her eyes to see he is back to his original form ,totally red with horns on his head instead of hair.

Her eyes got wide ,on noticing that he is not knight in shining armour but demon in disguise.

“Dusshhhttt Daaanaav”

She shouted.

He lifted his head to look at her ,and then one of his horns pierced her eye which is wide with shock and ,


She shouted making poor Vicky roll down from his bed.

He rushed to the room in which she is sleeping and asked ,“Geet ,Geet what happened?”

She kept her palm on one of her eyes and shouted ,“Idiot can’t you see blood oozing from my eye?Get me a doctor ,ambulance ,icu, operation theatre …”

She is going on and on and Vicky had to shake her to come out of her dream land.

She opened her eyes and looked at him and rushed towards the mirror to check her eyes .

Vicky stood there getting confused seeing her antics and asked ,“a nightmare?”

She sighed in relief after confirming that her eye is safe and turned towards him and said smiling,“Haa..wo..Dusht Dana…

Her smile and her voice faded away on noticing the time on the wall clock.

She is late to her office by half an hour.

She rushed here and there shouting on Vicky,“Idiottt can’t you wake me up?”

He stood there in shock seeing her running here and there like a super-fast express.

She got ready within five minutes and is about to go when Vicky said,”Geet,breakfast?”

She replied rushing out,“If I’ll be alive and not made as his breakfast”

She thought on her way to office in cab,‘People say early morning dreams come true,I don’t know about that but today it seems that late morning dreams will also come true praying for the safety of her eyes.



He is on his way to office in his Lamborghini, and tuned on the radio,

 O… Meri Har Manmaani Bas Tum Tak

All my desires are limited only to You

Baatein Bachkaani Bas Tum Tak

All my childish/nonsensical talks are limited only to You

Meri Nazar Deewaani Bas Tum Tak…

My crazy gaze is limited only to You

Mere Sukh-Dukh Aate Jaate Saare

All my happiness and sadness come and go

Tum Tak, Tum Tak, Tum Tak Sohne Yaar

Only to You, my beautiful partner


He blushed hard remembering the previous day.

He entered office all smiling, blushing and then noticed that all his employees are sad really very very sad.

He went into his cabin and asked Adi to come in and asked the reason for  their grave faces.

For that Adi only rushed from his cabin ,in tears and came back with a file in his hands and gave that to Maan,who is very confused for Adi’s strange behaviour.

Maan opened the file and is going through it when his eyes stopped on one particular sentence and so did his world too.

Adi who couldn’t stand there went away weeping.

For Maan everything stopped,he felt as if ground is slipping from his feet, as if some volcano got erupted in his heart ,he is not in his senses even to comprehend anything, tears started flowing from his eyes.

He after some time composed himself,wiped his tears and said with a determination,“I’ll not let this happen,I’m ready to spend even the last penny of my assets,I’m ready to go to any nook and corner of this world to prevent this.”He immediately made some calls.




She entered the premises fearing and shivering badly.


The sight that welcomed her is really really shocking.

Everyone is with tear stained faces.

She slowly entered inside and Pinky on seeing her wailed even more loudly and hid inside Adi’s chest.

Rina , another employee came near her with grave face and said,“Geet though we know each other from only two days ,we all got attached to you so much .We cannot bear that news and don’t forget that we all are there for you.”And went away sobbing.

Rahul another employee came and patted her shoulder ,“Geet ,Fate is cruel but don’t lose hope “

She looked at Adi and Pinky who are consoling each other and looked at her with pain filled eyes.

She walked front looking back at them ,then she dashed into some one ,she looked around and found Sasha and mumbled a quick sorry .

“Its okay dear”


Geet is in shock will be an understatement.

Then she remembered that she is late and then she estimated the reason behind all this.

Her boss is going to kill her now, so they all are showing sympathy beforehand as afterwards she will not be available to see that as her boss is going to pack her up.

She gulped her saliva as she entered his cabin to apologize  .

He is facing the other side looking out through window .

Hearing someone coming inside ,he turned back only to see her frightened face.

“Si..sir..I’m Sorr…”Before she can complete he dragged her into a bone crushing hug choking her.


She is shocked.

She is about to get out of his embrace when he pulled her again making her head collide his cheat.

“ummm Maan “

Yes ,it’s a moan

But out of pain.

She rubbed her head in pain.

“Shhh Geet,Don’t worry I’m with you and I’ll be with you forever in your every thing, don’t think that no one is there for you ,I’m here ,we’ll fight it together Geet ,even if the fight is against fate.”

“Sir???” Is he gone mad?


“Geet don’t worry I’ve called Dr.Lucifer from US ,he is on his way ,he is the best Cancer specialist.”

“Ca..Cancer??”She panicked hearing that.What? How?Maan Sir and Cancer?

She felt her head spinning.

He noticed her holding her head and made her sit on his chair and made her drink some water .

He knelt down in front of the chair

Her eyes started flowing.

He averted his gaze from hers  as he himself is in tears.

She kept her hands on his shoulders and asked ,“When and How…?”She couldn’t ask further.

He said in a choking voice ,“Ju..just now…”

“Does your Daadi know?”

He simple shook his head in no.

How can he tell to her ?Can she bear listening that the girl her grandson loved has cancer?

Maan:Heyyy…wait did he just say love?

MSK:Uff …now not dialogues but the emotion is important.So keep your ass out of here.


She said , keeping her hands on his ,“Sir we’ll fight this together”with determination.

He gave her a assured smile .

Just then Geet’s cell rang.

She excused herself and is about to get up from his chair when he made her sit again.

She uncomfortably picked her call and talked to Vicky , because of Maan’s scrutinizing gaze on her.

“Geet how are you now ?Is your job safe?”

“Yes Vicky everything is fine”

But Vicky guessed something is wrong because of her voice.

“Geet is everything alright?”

She couldn’t control her emotions and cried  saying,“No Vicky ,not everything is right

Maan moved even close to her rubbing her back to soothe her.

“My boss has got cancer”

“WHHAATT“Vicky and Maan shouted at the same time making poor Geet frightened and she threw her cell getting startled  and stood immediately

Maan composed himself and said ,“Geet ,I don’t think Cancer is contagious “

“No sir”

“Then why are you saying that I’ve got cancer?”

“Because it’s you who have got that  “


She closed her ears for his shout.

“Sir..Aren’t you having Cancer?”

“No…”She sighed in relief and smiled a little which is short lived when he continued,“…its you who is having”

Now its his turn to close his ears as she shouted “WHHAATT”,with double the intensity than him.

“Sir ,because you a case will be filed against you if you do any physical harm to me ,are you trying to inject me with something that causes me cancer and parcels me up ?”she accused.

“WHHAATT?? Aren’t you having Cancer?”

“No sir ,not yet”

“Then that file…”he kept thinking.

“Sir if I’ve got, then the medical tests you will perform for all employees before joining here might have reported something was wrong, right sir?”

He nodded sitting in his chair in deep thought.

“As per my knowledge ,they told everything is perfect sir.If you want you can check sir and I’m even ready to take those tests again”

Maan immediately called Pinky to come with those reports .

He checked them and let out a sigh of relief and even decided to make Geet take those tests again for making his heart more relaxed.

“Then this file?”

Maan looked at Pinky and then at Geet.

Geet immediately took the file from his hands only to notice that as the personal details file of employees and it is hers.

She scanned that from top to bottom and when her eyes stopped at a particular sentence , she brst out laughing.

Maan came and stood beside her to take a look at it.


She after composing herself said,muffling her laughter ,panting ,“Si..Sir…thi..this is the biggest joke of the decade sir.”

He looked at her confused .

She explained ,“Sir look here” she pointed at one thing “this should be here .”She again burst laughing.

He after getting what she told let out a small smile and glared at Pinky.

Pinky who got frightened snatched the file from Geet and looked what she had done.


Pinky was told to enter details of Geet in her file.

She was in a very bad mood that day because Adi didn’t buy her her favourite chips packet .

She in that anger entered details of Geet all the while glaring at Adi.

There was this column called Sun Sign ,which was inserted into all employees’ details files by Daadi so that she can easily select the one girl whose  horoscope matches with that of Maan’s.

Pinky by mistake entered Geet’s Sun sign, Cancer  in the next column, Health problems if any’.



Seeing Maan glaring her ,she hid her face behind that file and fled from there.

Geet somehow managed to muffle her laughter.

Maan smiling, took her into his embrace and kissed her fore head.

She got shocked and immediatelypushed him away shocking him.

“What do you think of yourself haa?You are my boss that doesn’t mean that you have all rights on me.”

He looked at her confused.

She turned away averting his gaze and said dreamily,“Girls do have some wishes ,they do have some dreams, to be touched like this by her prince charming who come to her on a horse , to be kissed like that by her knight in shining armour.”she turned towards him angrily “and not by a demon in disguise like you…”


“SHHH”she shouted angrily ,“don’t stop my flow”

“Err …where am I?”

“In my cabin”

“Huh,in my speech?”

“Demon…in..”he gritted his teeth.

“Haa yes very good ,you have a sharp memory , coming back to point not like a demon in disguise like you.”

“You stole my first kiss, my first peck on cheeks, on my very second day in the office ,my first peck on forehead ,now my first hug ,what left only to be the father of my first child.”She looked at him angrily while blurting out .

It dawned to her what she said and bit her tongue only after seeing him remove his coat.

“I’m all ready, sweetheart “ he said with a naughty smirk.

“No..No thank you”she dashed out of the cabin.

He laughed out loud.

A laugh which echoed the relief that she is safe , an assurance that nothing will happen to her and he will not let anything happen to her and a happiness that she will not be leaving him.

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