“You stole my first kiss, my first peck on cheeks, on my very second day in the office, my first peck on forehead, now my first hug, what left ?only to be the father of my first child.”


Vicky’s eyes popped out hearing this. Vicky is still on the line listening everything 

Her boss kissed her, hugged her and what not.

What’s going on?’He knit his brows getting worried.

He should find out soon, if her boss has any bad intentions or it’s something else.Vicky always thought her as his sister and cannot bear if anything happens to her.

He cut the call.


As the next day is Sunday and an off , Maan is pacing his cabin ,not knowing what to do.

He will not be able to see her for a whole day.

What to do?’

Just then he heard a knock on his door and saw Adi coming in.

He looked at Adi as if asking the reason for his arrival.

Adi,”Si..sir we have to check the site of Chopra’s project Sir, I’m here to ask you whether to send Ria or Arjun?”

“Send Ar…”An idea popped in his mind.

“Umm..Adi, as this is an important project, I myself will go and check.”

Adi’s world stopped From when am I day dreaming? Or did I go deaf?’


MD himself visiting a construction site???’

“Adi…ADIII” Maan’s yell brought Adi back to his senses.

“Ye..Yess Sir..”

“Tell Geet to be ready by tomorrow morning so that she can accompany me “Maan tried hard to repress his smile saying her name.

Adi took leave from his cabin and entered her cabin only to find her bestowing curses on some one.

“Demon Devil Dusht Danav , he is not DD as Pinky says ,he is DDD…D to the power of infinity “

“Geet ..”Adi’s call broke her (a)cute cursing session.

“Yes Adi sir” she said smiling .

“Geet you have to accompany sir to Chopra’s site”

“OK Sir ,when?”

“Tomorrow “

“Ooh,wait WHHAATTT”Adi had to close his ears.

“Geet slowly, Sir is in your next cabin”

“As if I care ” she muttered .“Adi Sir , how can I come tomorrow?Tomorrow is a holiday, right?”

“Yes Geet , but not for you”

“How ? How can he do this to me” she said dramatically.

“No one can question him Geet ,so you have no other option.”

Why don’t I? I’m not going to come tomorrow.” She said turning away folding her hands to her chest like a kid who denied his mother who forced him to do his homework before watching television .

“Don’t you feel that you are planning for your own cremation?”

“Huh? Then what should I do?Waste my holiday? Adi sir ,tomorrow is Sunday ,you know SUNDAY that comes only once in a week after 144 hours”She explained it as a fact as if it is a Halley’s comet being seen tomorrow after 76 years.

“Geet do you feel that he’ll leave you if you don’t come tomorrow without informing?”

“Who told I’ll not inform ,I’ll straight away go to his cabin and say to him on his face that I’m not his slave to work for him even on a holiday.”

Adi raised his eyebrows questioning her audacity to do so.


She said ,“Okay Adi sir ,let us have a rehearsal then”



Meanwhile , in Maan’s cabin , something buzzed.

He looked around and noticed it to be Geet’s mobile which is lying on the floor.

He took that in his hands and noticed the caller’s name .

Vicks calling’


He then understood that to be her friend Vicky.

He knew everything about her friends and that also that she is presently staying at his place.

A pang hit his heart.

Is that jealousy ?

He decided to tell her the thing which he had decided earlier.

But due to all the fuss that was created in the morning he totally forgot about that.

Now , Vicky’s call reminded him of that.


He slowly made his way to her cabin holding her mobile.



“Okay Adi sir ,let us have a rehearsal then” she said and placed him on her seat holding his shoulders and stood in front of a very confused Adi.


“Shh Adi sir, now listen , you are that Dusht Danav and…”

“Dushh what??”

“Ooh hoo you are Maan Sir and me Geet”

“Geet me and Maan sir??”He tried to get up only to be pushed by her back into the seat.

“Adi sir ,I know you are not Maan Sir but please for my sake act now ..” she made a pleasing puppy face which melted Adi instantly.

He turned and kept his right hand on the desk ,took off his spectacles and looked at her better to say glared at her .

She got totally confused What happened to Adi sir suddenly? Why is he glaring me?’

“Yes Miss Honda”Adi told angrily this time only to get a glare from her.

He immediately became normal and said ,“Geet ,you only told me to be Maan sir ,right?Why are you giving those angry looks then?”

“Sir.. I only told you but why this Honda Bonda thing?”

“For real effect Geet”He grinned widely showing his 28 teeth as the four wisdom teeth are still on their way.

Geet glared him and said ,“No Hondas this time ok?”

He immediately went back to his previous MSK mode and posture and said,”Yes Miss Handa”

She cleared her throat took a few steps back and said dramatically,

“ek din chutti ki kimat tum kya jaano Maan babu?”

Adi immediately burst out laughing and tried to muffle his laughter seeing her glare.

“Tera chehra dekhne se fursat deti hai ek din ki chutti”

She showed him her index finger ,

“Har KC employee ka khwaab hota hai,

Har KC employee ka tamanna hota hai ,ek din ki chutti “

She took another two steps back and concluded “Ek din ki chutti”

“Ehe he he he he..”Adi couldn’t control his laugh and burst out but as soon as his eyes landed behind her back, his laugh turned in a nervous way,“Ehe he he he…”and stood from her seat gave her a you-are-gone -hope you-do not -take -me- with- you look and fled from there.

She got totally confused and turned in the direction Adi ran only to get a shock of her life .

Maan stood at her cabin’s entrance crossing his legs, leaning on the door folding his hands at chest.

She tried to speak something ,but her words didn’t dare to escape her mouth.

He took slow steps towards her,took her hand in his and placed her mobile in it.

She is not in a state to realise what is going on,her eyes fixed on him, her lips apart with shock.

“Miss Honda,Can you please close your mouth as  I cannot bear the death of flies entering your mouth.”

She looked at him confused,‘Is he saying anything to me?May be everyday will be a Sunday for you  as you are fired.’

Seeing her reactions , he closed her mouth placing his fingers on her chin, muffling his smile .

He came very close to her and whispered,“Hope you don’t say ,’I dreamt of the second peck like this and like that “,mimicking her and placed a peck on her cheeks.

Her eyes grew wide.

He cleared his throat , she came back to her senses ,ready to pounce on him.

He said before she can even open her mouth, in his MSK mode ,“Miss Honda , I don’t know about your khwaabs and tamannas …”she again became a timid tamed cat from a wild cat listening this as she came to know that he heard her. “…but I do know about one thing , that is reputation of KC.”

“Si..sir??” He is surly going to throw me out as employees are not supposed to talk bad about their bosses and that is when reputation will be at stake.

He pulled her hand roughly and kept a bunch of keys in it.

She is utterly confused.

Is he going to tell me that I’ll be imprisoned for talking like this about him?’She looked at her hand where the keys are present.‘No no he is going to say ,’Miss Honda ,do the honor of imprisoning yourself in a jail and send me back the keys ,as I’m busy now searching for a new secretary'”

Her beautiful jail thoughts are brutally crushed with his voice bringing her back.

“Miss Honda ,if your trip to London and Paris through dreams is completed , can we come back to the point ?”


“These are the keys to your new apartment and you will be shifting there tomorrow itself.I’m sending men to the place you are staying now..”,he clenched his fists saying that .“They will help you move your valuables if any to this new apartment.You need not worry ,it is fully furnished …”

He got interrupted by her,“Sir I’m now staying at my friend’s place and…”

“I came to know as the address you’ve provided was proved to be wrong address”

“Sir I shifted afterwards and I was about to inform the change in address.I’m comfortable there sir and I don’t want…”

“Miss Honda , as far as I remember , I didn’t  ask you whether you will shift or not, but I TOLD you to shift.”

“Why??”she asked hesitatingly .

“Because..”What to tell?“Because I do not want an employee shifting places frequently”


It is the stupidest reason ,isn’t it?


“Miss Honda,I’m your boss and I don’t want to give any explanations ,you are shifting here and that’s final”

“Dirty Demon”

“You said something?”

“Err.. Sir.. no.but sir I all alone in that house?”

She finally kept her fear in front of him.

“You need not worry as there will be servants living with you in that house for you and moreover it is highly secured with three guards and security system.”

She gaped at him .


He said while going  from her cabin,“Miss Geet Honda only for this time I’m fulfilling your tamanna”

She knit her brows in confusion.His back is facing hers ,still he can guess her reaction.

“Take an off for tomorrow but next time on wards no off even if you become Deepika or Priyanka”

He left smiling .

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