Why always this happens to me?

Why I didn’t listen to my friends, and came here alone?

Again, everything has gone wrong.

I am away from my village and staying here in Delhi with my friends Pinky,Tara and Reena.

I came to this shopping mall alone, despitePinky’s protests to buy some books for my exams, as Pinky has gone to her hometown with Adi, and Reena and Tara to a movie.

Due to the murder of a politician, they sent everyone away from here and I’m standing alone on a secluded road,in this time of a night, waiting for a cab.

Thank God, this road is not dark because of the streetlights here and there.

I glanced around the road.

This road is fully deserted except for some parked cars afar and Me, here.

My reverie is broken, when I heard someone coming near me.

I found some men coming to the place where I stood.

Thank God, I can take help from them. Otherwise I had to stand like this the whole night as my mobile got switched off.

They are four of them.

They came near me and one of them asked, “Need help?”

I smiled and nodded. But my smile faded away, when I saw them glancing me from top to bottom with something in their eyes.

I feared the worst.

Is that dirty thing in their eyes, called LUST???

Yes. One of them forwarded his hand to hold my hand.

I hit his hand with the bag I’m holding and began running.

Don’t know where to and how far, but I had to run from these lustful eyes.

I’m running with them following me.

Despite the fact that I don’t know the destination, I’m running.

I’m out of breath. I’m panting badly. My hands and legs are shivering. I’m having a reeling sensation. But I don’t want to give up.

Today I want to agree –yes, men do have more stamina.

Damn,those idiots are no way near stopping.

If stop, I fall prey to them. If I don’t I may die of suffocation.

Better die than …..

I found one man opening the door of his car.

I quickly ran towards that direction as I noticed those men are far away from me to notice where I hid myself.

As that car is the only source for hiding, and if that man starts the car, the doors may get locked automatically. So I have to be quick, really quick.

That man closed his door by the time, I reached the back of his car.

I ran quickly and sat inside the car on the passenger’s seat mumbling a sorry and please to him, not looking at him.

I didn’t close the door and kept my leg in between the door and the car, so that it doesn’t get closed.

Who knows, if this man is also like one of them and takes advantage of me.If I close the door. He may get it locked and I cannot even run away.

My gaze is fixed on the men who came near the parking slot, which is at some distance from the car.

From their gestures, it is apparent that they are searching for me.

I hid myself even more behind that seat, shivering very badly and panting even badly.

They are approaching the car.

I felt a hand on my shaking hand which is on the seat and within a second, before I look at the owner of the hand, I felt a force pulling me to one side and a hard grip on my waist and a soft thing pressing hard on my lips.

I when came back to my senses, realised that the man in the car held my shaking hand, pulled me to himself, held my waist tightly with his other hand, closed the door, which now has no obstruction in between as he dragged me in, and switched off the light which I noticed now, was on and and and slammed his lips on mine.

Yes he kissed me.


NOOOO he is kissing me.

I, after coming to my senses, looked at the direction where those men were a while ago.

They are not there.

Ooh,he is kissing me to save me from those. May be yes, because he didn’t deepen the kiss.

Now no need as those idiots went away. But how to say this to him?

My lips are sealed with his. So I cannot say.

My still shivering hands are in his grip and I don’t have the strength to push him.

What if I bit his lip to stop him?

No that doesn’t work. May be worsens the condition.

The newly wedded Pinky told me that biting lip, arouses men.

What if I let out some sounds from my mouth to stop him?


No no, what if he thinks that I’m moaning .Noooo that is even worse than the previous thing.

My dazed mind is not working to think of better ideas to stop him.

So, I have to wait till he stops.

After some time he slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes-a colour of dark black and captivating.

There is some charm in his eyes.

His lips are very soft.

Huh,why am I drooling ??

He slowly withdrew his lips from mine and loosened his grip over my waist and still shivering hands.

I quickly adjusted my position.

He gave me some water, which I rejected with a shake of my head.

I didn’t dare to look at him after I withdrew myself from his embrace.

But I had to look at him when he asked in his magnificent voice, “Where shall I drop you?”

Oh My God! He is a Greek god .What a face! What a masculine body!

Wait! Why am I drooling again?

I stammered a bit,”I..I can..I mean it’sokay, I’ll hire a cab.”

I didn’t know the reason of my stammering. Is it due to the very recent incident or my unusual better to say never-happened-till-now-drooling?

He raised his eyebrow and looked in front of the wheel, “Sure you can, but I think you’ll get a free lift from your followers. So why waste money for hiring a cab?”

“Huh”,I want to answer back.

But he has a point and moreover I don’t have the energy.

Without waiting for my answer he started his car and looked at me.I hung down my head and mumbled him the address.

I don’t know why I trusted this stranger who just kissed me. But I felt secured in his presence.

The journey is very quiet and neither of us uttered a word. I didn’t look at him again.

I’m still shivering.

He held my badly shivering hand, which made me look at him.

I first thought that he accidentally held my hand instead of gear rod.

But when he pressed it, I had to look at him.

He gave me a small assuring all-is-well smile.

Oooh goodness! He is even more handsome when he smile.

Geet did you start again?

Can’t you shut up your mind for once?

I too gave him a smile and looked down, fearing that I’ll drool again if I look at him for another second.

After a while I noticed that the car came to a halt.

I looked at him, who is switching off the engine and then at the arrived destination only to find Tara and Reena impatiently pacing the balcony of our apartment and trying some phone calls, which I know are because of me.

I quickly got of the car, ran towards them and they embraced me in a tight bone-crushing hug.

They didn’t question me on seeing my condition sensing something is bad.

Reena asked me, keeping her hands on my cheeks,”Geet are you alright?”

I simply nodded as tears are being filled in my eyes.

Tara pressed my left hand and asked, “How did you come here?”

Now I remembered the car and that man.

I quickly turned around only to find the car which got vanished.

I mentally slapped myself for not even thanking him.

But why to thank him?

For giving place inside his car and saving me from them or for getting me drooped here or for stealing my first Kiss?


Sleep is nowhere near me.

But not because of those people and those lustful eyes.

But those eyes which are filled with concern for me.

No not only concern but something more than that.

But what is that?

Today one of my doubt got answered-how lust and lust in eyes look like.

But I still do not understand what is that I saw in HIS eyes.

Hmm why to think about that? I may not meet him again in my life.

So Geet,sleep in peace.

But who knows what life has in store for me. 


3 thoughts on “Chapter-1

  1. ushankitvc

    a beautiful start…continue soon

  2. Some of my stories’ threads got closed on IF and this is one of them 😦
    So haven’t updated in a while.

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