I never do understand.


I read soooo many novels, stories, fictions and saw sooo many movies and shows.That too umpteen times.

But I didn’t understand.

May be I never do.

What I didn’t understand is no no are – the first one is the difference between lust and the desire to make love.

Aren’t both same?

No, is the answer given by my friend Pinky.

She explained that there is a lot of difference between the two.

Lust is only confined to physical needs and is the external thing.

Whereas Desire to make Love is the feeling associated with Love, the eternal feeling, binding souls and a total internal bliss.

After the thing that results after lust, one feels as if their desire is satisfied.

But after making Love, one feels completed. They feel the satisfaction for being alive.

Err..I still didn’t understand.

Isn’t it like some Greek and Latin?

“Geet, you don’t understand until you fall in Love”, stated Pinky, who recently got married to her lover, Adi.

My second doubt is –How can anyone love someone, he/she hardly know with a few meetings?

I love my parents, my friends, and my pets and my studies because I’m with them for many years.

But how can someone fall in Love instantly, at the first sight?

Isn’t that lust?

Because if some X, sees a girl, and falls for her at the first sight itself, without even knowing about her fully ,her wishes, her feelings, her tastes, her background anything; isn’t he getting attracted to her physical beauty.

As far as I know, the physical attraction is called infatuation or lust. But it isn’t love, is it?

“Geet, when two are meant for each other, when they both are soul mates, they fall for each other instantly. The connection between their souls makes them love each other even when it is their first meeting. Moreover Geet ,the love you are talking about i.e. for parents, friends, etc., is different .It is a better form of liking which is also called as love, but not The Love.”

Uff this Pinky talks everything in Movie-language.

My other doubt-How can one see love in eyes?

This is what I read in books- ‘I can see love in his eyes’.

I didn’t understand this.


One can say one is in pain or sorrow in eyes, if he/she notices ears in those eyes.

One is happy by seeing twinkling in eyes.

But how can one say-he/she has love in eyes for the other by seeing in eyes?

“Geet ,you can understand everything, even the answers for many unanswerable questions ,once you experience it yourself.”

Hmm, okay then. I’ll wait and see whether time answers my questions or not.

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