Her pacing the room, fidgeting her sari mirrored her impatience and anxiety.

“Bahu, did he come yet?” Asked an old women who just entered the room with a frown.

“No Dadi, not yet”, she answered dumping herself on the couch with distraught.

“Ye Bitto bhi na”, the lady left the room shaking her head with exasperation.


It’s about time to check out the hotel and they have been intimated twice already.

Yet there is no clue about him. How and where will they find him in that Dubai?


Her chain of thoughts got disturbed with some movement in the room. She slowly lifted her head to find him entering the room.

She sighed in relief, “Sharma Jii, where have you been? Come fast, we are already late…” She rushed towards the other end where the luggage is kept.

She stopped in her tracks when she heard him call her, “Manju…”

She turned around to find him forwarding his one hand which has a packet to her, folding the other arm.

She raised her brow in question, for which he gestured with eyes to take the packet.

“What is this?” She asked observing the packet in her hand from all directions.

“Apparently, a gift”, he said folding his arms.

That’s when she saw his face attentively. There is a different glow in his face and a new glint in his eyes. A small smile, which is playing on his lips, the small dimple that formed, made him look even cuter.

A small smile formed on her lips seeing him, “For whom?”

He rolled his eyes,” For the princess of Wales”.

She kept her hands on her hips hearing his reply,” Hmm??”

“Arre.. For you dumbo.”

Repressing her smile, she unwrapped the packet only to find a large box of branded lipsticks of all shades.

The events of the previous evening crossed her mind where he said that buying lipsticks for her will cost him more, when Bipasha who came for the magazine interview, suggested her to buy lipsticks.

She is totally awed and only a word escaped her lips in a mere whisper, “For me??”

He rolled his eyes again, “No..no… for the wife of my Dadi’s pota.”

She is too numb to react and is constantly staring at him.

He with a smirk, pulled her closer, pecked her cheeks which made her come back to senses and she blushed looking down.

He kept both his arms on her shoulders, leaned closer and whispered observing her intently, “How much big your lips are…”

She frowned and pouted listening this and he continued smirking, “…that much beautiful and adorable is your smile.”

She beamed listening his words.

“Achcha sun…” he sounded serious gaining her attention, for which she nodded her head that he has her attention,”…select the colour you want to paint our bedroom wall, from your lipstick collection, so that you can kiss the wall wearing that.” He concluded muffling his laugh seeing her face for that.

She hit his arm when they heard a lady calling his name.

“Coming bua…”, he answered that lady and turned to her and said, pecking her cheek,“..come fast..”

But before can leave the room, he heard her call him, “Sharma Ji..”

He turned when she came near him, stood on the tips of her toes to match his height and brought her lips closer to his cheek.

“Shangun ki Pappi??” He asked smiling.

She shook her head denying,” That’s Dadi’s department”

“Then??” He asked with a frown.

“Shararat ki…”

Before he can comprehend that, she bit his cheek and rushed outside the room.

He caressed his cheek where she bit and smiled broadly.


Those are the lips, he made fun of but those are the same lips which filled his heart with warmth with the brightest of the smiles.


These are the people who often bestowed curses upon each other in the presence of others.

But devoted one another by hearts.


“Main maike chali jaaungi”, she often threatened him.

“Chal dafa ho jao”, he often shooed her away.


But both knew very well that they cannot live without each other, especially he.

He knew very well that she has the knowledge of the fact that he is vulnerable without her.


He is the moon, she is the radiance.

He is the lid, she is the pupil.

He is her bliss, she is his mirth.

He is her Bitto and she is his Manju.


And they are our ManTu.


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