Introduction Chapter-1

  @@Aditi’s Monologue@@
Ha!Another worst day in my life.
I was not like this before ,when I was in my school.
Aditi Chopra-WOW,people used to gather around me because I’m the consistent topper in my school.
My riches also added to my fame.
While I’m still in my thoughts,my driver called me and said that we had reached the college.
I looked at the college’s entrance gate and got down my car.
I told him to go and slowly walked in.
Though my father  had the money to buy a seat in this college,I worked hard to get admission into it.
Some one placed a hand around me.I came back to my senses and looked at her.She is Pinky.
She is the one who became my first friend in this college.
The first few months the students and lecturers treated me as the Queen.
“Ady-you are like this”
“Ady you are like that”
Yes,I’m the queen.Who denies that?I was the college topper.I was the most beautiful and I was the richest girl in the college.
Pinky pulled me aside,so that that red car may not pass over me.
I looked at the side where the rash driven car has stopped.
Vehicles are not allowed into the college even for professors,except one–
The door opened.And she got down.
And as expected her flies got around her.Not giving me way to glance at her dress.
Her dresses-uff she is a pure tomboy.
I don’t know the full meaning of tomboy till the day I saw her.
I peeped at her.
Yes,as expected she is in her boyish attire,with a messy hair.
Rita told me to stop peeping at her and join her to the class.
Maddy -the famous girl in the college came near me and smirked at me and went away.
I hate her.I really do hate her.
Who cares if she is Madhubala Shemsher Malik?Who cares if her father is more wealthier than my father?Who cares if my father works under her father?Who cares if she became the college topper?
I hate her. 
Yes,she became the college topper within two months of her arrival.
She became the center of attraction.
All the professors ,all the students except my friends are her flies.
Who doesn’t know that her money buys her ranks?
I sat on the bench in my class and I looked at her through the window.
She is passing the basket ball,and all are cheering her up,”Maddy,come on”
The college split into two-The Maddy gang and the Anti-Maddy gang.
Almost all the students got the place in “The Maddy Gang” and the rest in the-so-called-Anti-Maddy-gang.
The Anti-Maddy-Gang consisted of Me and my 3 friends-Pinky ,Rita and Anu.
That brat Maddy is very arrogant and always bets with us.
I lost almost all my pocket money yesterday,when I lost to her.
Every time I only lose the bet.
I know her weakness.I know how to make her lose to me.
Yes,it is the only one thing she doesn’t know.
She doesn’t know how to love someone and how to make them love her.
I can make her bet to be said that she is loved by someone from the college.
But every boy here is in her group and he can say yes because of her wealth or beauty.
But I want a boy who hates her from bottom of his heart and never falls for money or beauty to be found to me.
I saw her through the window.
She is jumping with the joy that she made a point and won the bet.
Maddy-Jump now to your heart content.
Because I know,that HE is on his way .


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