Introduction Chapter-2

Dhanush Institute of Engineering and Technology, is one of the best colleges in the world.

It is in second position in rankings of the institutes in the whole world.


Most of the students aspire to be a part of it and getting a seat in it is like a dream-coming-true.


The college is known for its values.













Geeta rushed into the class, which is full of noise and hubbub.


She shouted,“Hey guys, the results are out”, panting.


There came a hullabaloo as everyone rushed out to the notice board.


Pinky came out with a dull face and informed Aditi ,“Ady,you’ve lost it this time too.That Maddy topped the class again,you were just just 0.97%  less than her.


Aditi got annoyed and shouted,“Maddy ,I will not leave you”.


As she noticed the red car got rashly parked,she kept staring at it..




A tomboyish Madhu got out of the car,and the whole college went near her to congratulate.


“Flies”,Aditi smirked.




Madhu is on her way to the class,with her friends behind her,following;when she saw Aditi on her way and took a few steps backwards and gave Aditi a stern look.


Madhu smirked seeing Aditi,with Pinky,Rita and Anu beside her.


Madhu said,“So,someone lost their bet again.I’ll leave them for now,But I hope they had learnt a lesson not to challenge Madhubala Shamsher Mallik again.


If they do so,they have to make their father sell the whole property.”,she said chewing the gum with a smugly smirk.


Every one laughed making The-Anti-Maddy-Gang more annoyed.


Aditi controlled her anger and said,“Bribing and getting a rank is not considered as a triumph,Maddy”


Vikky ,pointed his index finger at Aditi and said,“Mind your words Aditi,do you know how hard Maddy worked to top the exams?”


“Ooh hello,Mr.Maddy’s stooge,shut your mouth and down your finger.Who doesn’t know how much hard this lazy bug worked?”,said Aditi and there came a great uproar as The Maddy Gang and Anti-Maddy gang started an oral fight.



Rita,Anu and Pinky started to protest Aditi.


The place is full of clamor.




Madhu let out a sigh as she became impatient and shouted,“STOP IT GUYS”


And there came a pin-drop-silence,as all obeyed her order.



She said,“Incapable failures always blabber to cover up their inefficiency and point out others success,Leave them”


Rita said,“Maddy,who are incapable?You know Ady was the college topper.”


Madhu smirked and  Ria said,“Why are you talking about lost prides?She was and Maddy is”


Anu took the turn now,“Ady is the hard working student, she was the consistent topper in her school and…”



Maddy interrupted her and smirked, “Frogs in the well,uff.Come on guys ,why to waste time in yield less discussions?”


And she walked into the class with the whole college except the four, following her.







Rita ,Anu and Pinky stayed behind with Aditi and they slowly walked into the class.



Aditi raised her head and saw the celebrations going around the class for Madhu’s success.


“Something has to be done Ady”,said Rita controlling her tears of anger.



“”Yes ,Ady,she is crossing all her bordrs.There will also be a limit for humiliation. I cannot…”,Anu broke into tears.



Pinky and Rita went near Anu to console her,and Aditi gave her a pat on her back and lost in thoughts.



Aditi let out a sigh and said in a low whisper,“Yes,something has to be done,But how??”






Just then she saw Geeta running into the class,passing beside them,not bothering The-Anti-Maddy-Gang.



Aditi raised her eyebrows,as she knew that Geeta is the latest news broadcaster of the college.



“Now what??”,Aditi thought.




Geeta shouted,“Hey guys”,drawing everyone’s attention towards her.


“Great news,New admission into our class”,she panted.



“Now??Who is she that is joining in the middle of the third year??And did our soo strict management agree??”,asked Madhu sarcastically.




“Don’t know Maddy.But it is not ‘She’ ,it is ‘He’.”

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