The cool winter morning.Even the sun is shivering of cold.
But he thought to wake her up.
His rays reached the room  through the window.She does not close the curtains of the room.She looks the adjacent house through this window.
It is better to call it a small house  instead of room.
She took off the blanket from her face stretched out her hands and let out a yawn.
She rubbed her eyes and opened her beautiful eyes.
“Haaah,noo,another day.”
She let out a sigh.
Madhubala Malik,the richest girl in India ,Daughter of the second leading business magnet in the world.
She is described as the richest girl because the child of the first leading business magnet is not a girl.
She loves to make fun of everyone.
She is so arrogant.
Her beauty and her riches always compete with each other.
Yes,she is rich in wealth and beauty also.
The most beautiful and mesmerizing girl.
More than 90% of her college are behind her always ,praising her either of wealth or of her beauty or even both.
She never cared the rest 10% who are against her.
You guessed right.She is a college going girl.
Then why did she let out this sigh of despair?
The above mentioned Madhubala Malik is the one known to world.But what about the inner one?
The inner Madhubala,who is not known to anyone is completely different.
Shamsher Malik and Padmini are her parents.
They are not with her from her first birthday.
They,to take care of their business left for abroad,leaving her in their ancestral house(better to say-palace)
They did not turn up till now.She knows them only through news channels and their photos which were taken when they were together.
They even don’t have time to talk to her at least once in a year.
The most pitiable thing is they are not together.No,they are not separated from their marriage relation.They are living in two different countries.But still they are wife and husband.
Padmini lives in America and Shamsher in London.
They themselves don’t have time to meet or even talk at lest once for a year.They contact each other only on business affairs.
‘Why the hell then they were together that day which resulted in me?’,she always questioned herself.
She made herself arrogant to save herself from this pain.
She is very kind at heart.
She always looks through the window into the next house,where a little kid stays with his parents.
She knows how the  parents’ love looks like only by looking at their house.
She knows that all who are around her show fake love only because of her wealth.
Will she never find true love in her mind??
In fact What is LOVE???
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