Brief Summary

Brief Summary:

Why is his life not in his control?
“Why do the things and persons I love most will go far away from me?Why is my life like this?Can’t I get back the love I’m striving for?
“Sir ,it is difficult for her to survive”.
“Hey,who ever you may be,even if you are listening or not,I want to say you something.Please live.Get well soon.Don’t prove again that RK is very unlucky .Don’t make people blame me that  the girl he had admitted in the hospital died in coma,only because of his ill-fated hands”.
“Hey,come with can’t stay in my house any more.”
“Rishu,where are you taking her?She is not even in a state of recognizing anything as good or bad”
“Bittu ji,say to that lady that this girl is going to stay in mental asylum”
“Hey,what is your name?”
‘I don’t know”
“Then what do I call you?”
“Oh oh ,OK .let me name you.UM- from today on wards you are ‘Madhubala'”
“What do you think of yourself by publishing like this?”
“I’m your lover and I only have rights over you.Who is that Madhubala?What is she for you?”
“So,you want to know the relation between us,right?Then OK.
Madhu come here.”
“Now ,I think you came to know who she is for me.She is ‘my’ wife and you ‘were’ my girl friend.Is that clear?”
“Where is Madhu?”
“Bittu ji,give police complaint and send all our people to every where and find out where Madhu is.
She even doesn’t know anything”
he ordered.
“Madhu,where are you?”he cried.
“Where am I?”
“Ma’am we found you at the side of the road with wounds and admitted you here.”
“Ma’am what is your name?”
“I am Madhubala Shamsher Mallik.”
“Madhu where are you?
We have been searching for you since four months.”
She opened her fist and saw the Mangalsutra and whispered'”I too want to know that,Maa.”
“Chief,you please relax.All the police are in that task only.We’ll get to know about her soon.’
“Its been two months since she got disappeared and you are saying me to relax.Its shame on your part,Bittu ji,that you till now not able to get her clue even.”
“Chief,we don’t have her photo and it is difficult to search with a drawn sketch.But our men are trying their level best to trace her out.
But chief please attend to shootings.
Our director said that he has got a new heroine for our film.”
“Sir,she is the heroine of our film,Miss Madhubala Shamsher Mallik.”
RK stood from the chair and on seeing her he whispered “No she is Mrs.Madhubala Rishabh Kundra.”
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