Character Sketch

Kundra Family:
Rishabh Mohan Kundra(a.k.a. The superstar RK):
To the outside world:The famous star,one of the finest actors and the most handsome.
To people who know him:Heartless,care-free attitude,does not care any one or any thing and even stonehearted.
To the people who know him even more closely:Has a heart,very soft and melting ,which he had buried himself under the stone of cruelty.
His life is like a film.Never got what he wanted.He himself gave him the title of cruel man from his past experiences.He hid his true identity in the mask of a  beast.But still there is a lot of hidden humanity and concern for others inside the mask of the cruelty.
Madhubala Rishabh Kundra(a.k.a  Madhu):
The girl who brought a drastic change in RK’s belief of his possession of bad luck.She suffers from insanity and amnesia.But she is kind at heart,cares for others and very gorgeous,having mesmerizing beauty.
Bhatia Family:
Radha Kuku Bhatia:
The main reason behind breaking RK’s heart and changing him from Rishabh to RK.
If she would have been remained as a widower of Mohan Kundra instead of changing to Mrs.Kuku Bhatia,RK, might have got the love of his mother atleast. Her attempt to bring father’s love back in his life,made RK lose his mother’s love.
Deepli Sikinder Bhatia(a.k.a.Dipz):
Played another important role in changing the semi-hardened heart of RK to a totally stone-hard heart.
She dumped him and married his step-brother,for her own selfishness.
She made him lose his trust in love.
She still is moving in front of his eyes in his house which is poking his heart and pointing him every time that he is a loser.
Kuku Bhatia:
RK’s step father and the main reason behind his film entry.
Sikinder Kuku Bhatia(a.k.a. Sikki):
RK’s step brother and another main reason behind RK’s film entry.
Mallik Family:
Shamsher Mallik,Roma Mallik,Padmini,Trishna Shamsher Mallik,Madhubala Shamsher Mallik:
Will be updated in future parts
Dixit Family:
Will be updated in future parts
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