RK saw the girl lying in an unconscious state, down the bridge. He first thought not to think about her or even not to look at her.
“Why should I think of saving her life, when I, myself have no purpose to live?”
But it’s not in his nature from childhood to leave someone to die their death, and abscond from there.
Unintentionally, he opened the door of his car, kept the black lady on the seat, who is still thinking about her future; and rushed, towards the girl.
Her back is facing towards the sky.
He turned her so that her face faced him.
The moon, who is till now very proud that no one can match him, hid himself behind the clouds on seeing her gorgeous and mesmerizing beauty, which is a thousand times more beautiful than his beauty.
RK saw her face. He took the little hair that is obstructing his view of her face. Her face is covered with blood.
He kept his finger at her nose to check whether she is alive or not.
On noticing that she is still alive, he took her in his arms and rushed towards his car.
He opened the door of the back seat and kept her there and drove the car as fast as he could to the hospital.
Taking her in his arms he rushed inside the hospital shouting, “DOCTOR,DOCTOR”.
There came a stretcher brought by two nurses and a doctor rushing towards him.
He kept her on the stretcher and turned towards the doctor and told, “Save her”
It seemed as an order.
The doctor told ,”Sir,We’ll do our best “and went in the direction of the stretcher.
RK looked at the girl lying peacefully on the stretcher which is slowly disappearing into the operation theatre.
“Sir,so much  blood is lost from her body.We tried in all blood banks and there is no sample suitable to hers.”,said the doctor to RK,who is waiting outside the theatre to know her status.
“What is her group?”,he inquired.
“O negative, sir”
“Then you better have my blood tested,whether it suits her or not.”
“Nurse,immediately take the sample of Sir’s blood and make all the necessary tests”
“Sir,please”,the doctor showed him the way to the laboratory.
RK,slowly got up from the table after donating he blood.
He came outside and sat on the same chair ,he sat before donating the blood .
He looked at his coat which is totally covered with her blood.
“Sir, we’ll take care about her, you please go and…”
“No, I’ll stay here for sometime until I hear that she is alright.”RK said this by interrupting the Doctor’s words.
He got lost in thoughts again.
The blood he donated today is the one he got from his parents.
His parents had thought him not to leave others when they are in need of help.
But every one left him, when he is in need of love.
He was alone. He is alone and he will be..
He came back to his senses with the call of the doctor.
“Yes,”he questioned.
“Sir,it is very difficult for her to survive.
She has lost so much of blood and there are severe injuries in her body.
May be she may not…”
RK cut off his words and said ,”So,you say that you are not capable of this and want me to admit her in other hospital,right?”
“Look,I’m ready to pay any amount of money you want.And if it is the matter of blood,which you said is lost from her body,don’t hesitate to tell me.
I’m ready to give any volume of blood .Even the last drop in my body in saving her.”
Saying so,he murmured giving a sigh,”Who even cares if I’m alive or dead.’
“Sir?”,said the doctor who could not listen his murmur ,which he thought is for him.
RK startled and said,”I don’t want to hear anything except the word which says that she is safe.I only want her to be alive.Do you understand ALIVE.”
“Can I once go and meet her?”
“Sure sir,”the doctor opened the door of the operation theatre.
RK,slowly approached near her step by step,looking at her and sat on the stool at the side of the bed.
He talked in a low voice,”Hey,who ever you may be,can you hear me?
I think you can.But even if you can’t,I want to say you some thing.Please live.
Wondering who I am?
It is me,who brought you here.I donated you blood.
So,Get well soon.
Don’t prove again that RK is very unlucky.Don’t make people blame me that the girl he had admitted in the hospital died in coma,only because of his ill-fated hands.
Did you attempt a suicide?Or was this an accident ?Or did anyone attempted to murder you?
Whatever it may be.You have to live.Atleast for my sake.
If you attempted a suicide-then you should live now,you know what?My life is the worst life anyone had ever lived.I’m still alive.I don’t think you have got bigger problems than I do,even if you have problems,fight them.Don’t fall prey for them.
If it was an accident-then you should live-because it was not your mistake ‘then why should you bear the punishment?
I,myself am getting the punishment of my no mistake.
Uff-never mind that.
If anyone tried a murder attempt on you-then also you should live to give them a strong punishment  for their wrong doings.
So,what I wanted to say is-Live.”
He got up from there and slowly went away from there.
He told the doctor,”I’ll come back in an hour after changing.By that time I should hear that she is safe.”
Saying so,he left the hospital and got into his car.
He did not notice the black lady sitting silently in the next seat and looking at his covered-with-blood coat.
The car stopped in front of the RK mansion.
RK got out of the car and went inside the mansion.
The black lady looked at the huge RK mansion with great astonishment.
The moon is just above the mansion,making it look very beautiful by giving light to it.
The black lady thought that her predecessors even did not approach near the gate of this mansion,what she did now.
Is this day,which changed that norm,going to change the unpleasant life of RK too?
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