RK walked straight to his room thinking about the stranger.


He even forgot that he had received an award that day.


He silently sat on the couch in his room and touched his hair with his left palm.

He came back to his senses with the clinging of something.


He looked at his left arm.


Something is shining and is making sound on touching his coat’s button.


RK made his other hand to reach there and removed it, wondering what it is.


He examined it and found it to be a bracelet.


“Whose is this?”he wondered and then remembered lifting the girl in his arms.


“It must have belonged  to her”,he thought and noticed the beautifully inscribed letters,“MM” on the bracelet and absent-mindedly kept it in his coat’s pocket, thinking about her.


He stood up and removed his coat and looked at the completely blood-stained –white –coat.


“Papa,I’m sorry Papa”,his eyes became wet seeing his father’s coat .


He remembered the day his father told him to be the topper in any field he chose.


“Papa,I became an actor against my wish.But striving hard to become the best as you wished”,he said to his father in his mind.



The coat in his hands is his father’s and he had been wearing  it every year,since his father’s death ,,on that day which he thought he was going to achieve something.


“Papa,though I lost your coat ,which is the last thing of yours with me,I’m still happy that today the blood you gave me rescued a life”,he wiped off the tear drop which is about to escape from his deep –grief-hidden-eyes.




He reached for his mobile ,after wiping his tears.


“Sir,the girl you have admitted”,said the male voice from the other side,”is out of danger”



RK let out a sigh of relief and curiously asked,”So,she is alright now,Isn’t she?”


“Sir..her condition is okay,but..,”he hesitated.



“Doctor ,I gave you my personal number only to inform me about her condition,till I come there after changing.Come on,speak”,he said in some-what high-pitched voice,which echoed his bothering and anxiety.


“Sir,sir,there is nothing to worry.You need not come here”,the doctor hurried his speech fearing further yells.

“Then?”RK questioned  him ,thinking,’Why this man is playing with me’.


“Sir,you can come tomorrow morning ,she is in perfect condition.I just wanted to say something about her.”


“Fine then”,he pouted his lips with annoyance and continued,”If anything happens to her,I’ll not…”



He got interrupted by the doctor who hurriedly and fearfully said,”Sir,she is fine and perfect.Please come tomorrow.I guarantee her life”,saying so,he cut the call.



RK,threw his  mobile to a side and lost in thoughts.

‘Why is he talking like something unexpected has happened?’



Without noticing that he is actually placing the blood-stain-coat in his cupboard,which no one except him opens,he came back and leaned back on the couch,still thinking of HER.

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