Why  is his life so unpredictable?
Why is his life not in his control?
His thoughts are travelling to his past as fast as the car which he is driving on that empty road.
He used to play like other kids .He used to be like every one else.
He love his father most.
He like spending time with his parents.
His car took a turn in that dark night.
His life took a big turn from a happiness into the darkness which is even more darker than this night.
A horrible darkness which can be felt through his heart only even though his eyes are seeing bright light.
He sounded the horn as there came a lady carrying her child in her arms across the road.
She quickly crossed the road and made his way.
He used to be a lovely child of his parents.
He is very adorable to his mother.
She couldn’t even bear even when he got a slightest wound.
But the biggest wound was made to his heart by her.
His father committed suicide and his mother remarried.He lost the love of both his parents at a time.
He unintentionally looked at the black lady sitting very comfortably in the seat next to him.
It first took him to that night’s memory and then to some years back.
“And the award for Best actor  ,Male goes to  RK ,as usual”
There was a huge round of applause and then he took the black lady into his hands and gave a smile.
The same smile he has been giving since 12 years,only whenever needed-which comes from the lips not from heart and not out of thought.
“I love you ,RK.I love you so much.Don’t ever think that you are a loser.I am there for you.I’ll be there for you”
For a few moments he was in joy thinking that his happiness got replenished.
But the same girl married his step-brother saying that he is unfit for love.
“It is our money and it is not the way to ask money.Fold you hands ,bow your head and beg us because  we are the earners and you are the dependent.”,getting humiliated like this by his step father and step brother ,who is now his girlfriend’s husband and the upcoming hero,whose movie is on sets and about to be released in few months:
He left his desire to go abroad for higher studies ,which is his ambition from his childhood:and entered the film field and proved himself as an able actor than his step-brother,whose film was a flop.
But why is everything undesirable happening with him only?
He stopped his car over the bridge.
He got down and took the black lady in his hands and went near the wall of the bridge.
He looked at her .
The black lady understood that she is going to meet her two elder sisters, who along with other awards are peacefully taking rest in the waters flowing down the bridge.
She looked at him ,who has tears in his eyes.His cheeks are glittering with tears which are reflecting the full moon’s rays.
The tears are not because of the thought that he is about to throw that award but due to the facts that led him to hold that award.
“Why do the things and persons I love most will go far away from me?Why is my life like this?Can’t I get back the love I’m striving for?
He is about to throw the award and just then his eyes stopped on the girl who is laying at the bank down the bridge in an unconscious state.
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