Metal vs. Petal


A story of a sword and a flower

He made his feelings hide in the shell made of metal, which is very hard to break.

His heart is turned into a hardest metal instead of muscle, harder than rock .His environment, his surroundings and the circumstances made him so.

Is the metal so hard to break?

She is the most beautiful girl with the heart of a petal.

The petal, that is very soft, smooth, beautiful and fragile.

Though the circumstances turned worse, this petal did not even get torn a bit.


What happens when destiny decides to make these two meet?

Will the metal get melted because of this petal?

Or will the petal gets ripped apart by the metal?



A story of two individuals, Madhubala and Rishabh; from the time of Kings and Queens, Empires and Kingdoms, Wars and Battles and of course, the period of true love.


Chapter 1


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