OS-The companionship of Love

She came back to her senses with the knock on the door.
“Ma’am,the doctor is calling you.”
“Yes,I’ll come sister”
She looked at the bed.All her clothes are lying there.
She let out a sigh,”I’ve to pack these” and she started her walk from that room to the doctor’s cabin.
Its been 3 months ,of her stay here.
She is walking slowly to the doctors cabin.
Her thoughts went back to 3 months .
She was a happy girl.
Her small world consisted of-her mother,her father(though not her father,he is more than that),her sister,her aunt(her father’s sister),her in-laws and her husband(with whom she shared bitter moments initially and then they both had the sweetest moments)
That day is the most memorable day in her life.
Her husband confessed his love to her in that most romantic place.
She was in cloud 9 .
He asked her opinion.
She was about to admit her love with shy,blushing face ,but her fate played a different role with her.
Just then her phone rung.
“Mrs.Kundra,we are from heritage hospital.We got your reports .Can we talk to any one else?”
“Yes,say to me”
“No ,ma’am this matter is not to be told to you.”
“You got my reports and are hesitating to say about my condition to me?No,please tell me.Is there any thing wrong.I  want you to say about my health only to me.”
“Ma’am ,can you please come to the hospital?”
She left her husband there and left for the hospital only to be known there that her condition is very serious and to be operated to survive.
The chances for survival after the operation are only half.
She got shattered.
How can she state it to her family,esp. her husband ,who she loves most?
She thought not to reveal about this to her family.
She returned home,where her husband is eagerly waiting for her reply.
“Where did you go so suddenly?”he questioned her in a loving and caring tone.
She got tears in her eyes.But she hid them and told ,”I don’t love you.,Please leave me alone”,in a harsh voice and went to her room,leaving her husband in a devastated situation.
Noticing that he is not in the house,she left the house,not knowing where to go and what to do,that too empty-handed.
She walked in that rain aimlessly ,so far until she fainted in the middle of the road.
When she opened her eyes ,she found her self lying on the bed in the same hospital room.
The nurse came and told that someone found her unconscious on the road and got her admitted there.
She handed over her a parcel,which is neatly wrapped in a beautiful gift wrapper,with a printed card on it which wished her to get well soon.
When she opened  the parcel,she found some new dresses,some inspirational books and a printed letter which read-
Life is gift.You cannot get disheartened for getting the punishment for your no mistake.
Though times come in everyone’s life.You should not fall prey for them.You should fight them and win over them.
Get well soon.’
She looked at the nurse and asked her,”who admitted me here ?”
“Don’t know Ma’am,he admitted you here and told to give this to you”,but the nurse’s face clearly told that she is lying .
She did not question further and tried to get up from the bed to go away from there.
The doctor came and stopped her ,”Mrs.Kundra,some charitable trust got to know about you and paid the amount for your operation,which will be after ten days from now.Please stay here.You are too weak to travel.”
She had to listen and stayed there.
She got operated,and to her surprise,expert doctors from foreign countries,operated her(which she got to know afterwards.)
Her operation became a success.
The nurse yesterday told her that she is going to be discharged today.
The bouquet,with the printed card wishing her to get well soon(from the mysterious person),which she used to get daily from her admission into the hospital till yesterday did not arrive today.
She entered the doctor’s cabin.
He told,”Mrs.Kundra,you are perfectly alright now.So you are getting discharged today.Take care of your health and do come for regular check-ups”
She gave a weak smile and got up from there and started walking back to her room.
Many questions surrounded her.
Where can she go?What can she do?
She tuned down her husband’s love?
Now how can she show her face to him?How can she return to him?
She is sure that he will accept her back,because she knows that he loves her so much.But what can she give as an answer to her disappearing suddenly?
It would have been better if she had died.
Tears rolled down her cheeks.
She reached her room.Opened the door.And slowly raised her head and got shocked.
Yes,she really got shocked and became speechless to see someone packing her clothes which are on the bed.
Her voice is shivering both with shock and with distress.
With the same shivering voice she whispered,”Ri-Rishabh?”
He looked at her and smiled and told,”Come on Madhu,I’ve packed every thing-your clothes,books and medicines and checked the room whether you have left anything.No,you didn’t.
So,every thing is over.
Come sit in the car,I’ll have a final word with doctor and then will start.”
But she did not move .
She is in shock.She is not even in a state to think.
Tears are rolling down her eyes.
He noticed her tears and hiding his tears he told,”Come ,we are getting late “and is about to leave the room ,Madhu held his hand and asked,”How do you..”
She could not ask completely.Her voice is shivering.
This time,he himself could not control his tears.
He came back faced her,kept his hands on her cheeks and told,”How did you think that you can escape from me?I’ll never leave you?”
She saw him crying.
She asked him-“How did you know that I’m here”
“You fainted in front of my car,because of your bad luck,you fool”
he laughed.
She got a laugh too and hugged him digging her face into him.
After some time,she lifted her face and saw him.He saw her.
She told,”That day,I wanted to say you something,but I couldn’t”
“What?”he asked
“That I love you”she said with a blush.
He kept his face serious to her surprise and said”I know”.
They both laughed and moved from there holding each others hands.



2 thoughts on “OS-The companionship of Love

  1. juliek31

    Beautiful story!

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