Poem: Who’s at fault?

My first poem ūüôā

[Based on Madhu’s reactions on knowing about Raju being Raja and his true nature]

As I look at me in the mirror,
I see a different person totally unknown.
The smile that used to be accommodating my eyes, was totally gone,
replacing them by a look forlorn.

I saw him approaching me.
It is the same him and it is the same me.
Or aren’t we?
And is there any ‘we’?

Those were the eyes I fell in love with.
But the innocent feel in there became intimidant.
Is he the same ‘He’?

These were the lips that on seeing him smiled bright.
Now why are these trembling with fright at his simple sight?
Is it the same ‘Me’?

The heart which used to miss a beat, with an unknown bliss when he’s around,
Is now skipping a beat with nervousness, when his footsteps are heard.

Who’s at fault?

Is it he who cheated me ?
Or is it me who allowed myself to get cheated?

Then where is ‘He’, whom I wanted to¬†store¬†in my heart?
And who is he, who made me a slave of his Fort?

It’s the time that’s taken ‘him’ away from me and put him in front.
And it is the same time that’s going to answer my future, my life and this hunt.

Will I get back my ‘him’?
Or will I lose myself to him?

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