Today,I HAD to go to a movie with my di.

Aaarrggh nooo!!!!!!!!!! I hate these movies to the core,you see.


Once upon a time I used to love those movies but now ,uff.

I used to be an introvert ,right my dear diary ?


But see all are now calling me a Tomboy.

May be I had changed a bit or even more.

But my association with you never changed.


All the events of my life including the REASON for this change is known to you very well than anyone else in my home.

Oops !how did I forgot the one other than you who knows very well about me?

Antara ,the Ant ,yes my very companion from school days,who knows more about me than you and I do.


And coming to the film-uff why the hell do these movies show all non-sense?


Movies, serials etc all show a considering-themselves-to-be-very normal heroines (who actually turn out to be the most beautiful actresses,Miss Universes and such pageant winners)

and their normal way of livings (which are filled with more twists and turns,heavy bucket-filling scenes etc)

and one day,suddenly a very handsome ‘knight is shining armor’ turns up and there ends her miseries and they live happily-ever-after.

And of course her life before meeting that prince charming would be like ‘living in hell’ with a non-loving parents,torturing siblings and in her love life also there would be another woman creating all obstacles but our ‘normal girl’ always clears those and

Finally the movie ends with -“True Love always always Wins”



Isn’t it the height of insanity?


I always wonder-

Is anyone like this?


See my life -how happy I am,with the best parents anyone had ever had and the most lovable di and a cute Ant and of course not to forget-U,my dear diary.

Not even a simple cinematic scene(err.. except THAT)


So ,finally after di’s constant persuading and pressurizing I had to watch that movie.

This di naa she ,regarding everything is vert good indeed the best.

But when it comes to anything related to Love ,she becomes a nightmare.

Same was the case with today’s movie.

She always says-“Naini,I can tolerate anything but when I fall in love naa,then if anyone tries to come in between I will go to an extent that no one can ever imagine.”

I wonder ,is she the same di,who is regarded by everyone as just opposite to me-simple,traditional,calm,quiet,lovely and GIRLY?

Because while saying the above sentence she turns fierce and it always sounds to me to be said by some DON.


Her would-be-lover(who ever he is,and here ever he is) is lucky to have a very possessive lover like di.


And this Ant ,who is the only one other than you to know about THAT,always compels me by one or the other way to be like my old-self.

But you too very well know that ‘that NAINA’ is dead years ago.


She always says that I’m like everyone,a normal and simple girl.

If those girls in movies and shows are regarded as ‘NORMAL’,then I’m surely ‘Ugly and abnormal’

Yes ,I don’t have those charms to attract people .


But this Antara quotes-“Beauty is only skin deep”.

But  does anyone acknowledge this fact?


Can anyone for once see with their heart instead of eyes?



That always happens in movies for ‘normal’ girls.



Anyways diary-I too don’t know why am I eating ur brain with this annoying topic.



Good night for now diary!

Hope tomorrow will be another happy day for me and you and everyone!

Bye for now.







2 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. interesting prologue
    so true…normal girls from film n serial n abt the beauty…
    lovely start kiddo….thumbs up for u…

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